• Koh-Lanta is

     celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

    On this occasion, every Monday, for six weeks,

    20 Minutes 

    publishes the testimonies of former candidates.

  • This week, Maude, the show's first winner, talks about her first participation in 2002, before the era of social networks.

  • “If I don't want to remake


    , that's partly why: social networks.

    I have teenagers at home and I don't want them to read the hate - because there's bound to be some too - about me, ”she told

    20 Minutes


She is the first woman to have won



It was at the end of the second season, in 2002. Amel, 48 years old this year, had made a quick passage in

The Return of the Heroes

in 2009: she spent only one day there before leaving due. of a loss in an elimination round.

To believe her, the adventure game is a thing of the past for her: more than the fear of hunger, fatigue or rain, it is the trolls of social networks that she fears in the event of new participation. .

What has “Koh-Lanta” changed for you?


changed me.

I made different life choices so it changed my life.

The show gave me confidence and allowed me to see how far I could go under extreme conditions.

In everyday life, we think we know what we would do in such and such a situation but faced with the real hardness of the game, of survival, we really discover who we are.

We are far from our comfort, our family, our friends, anything that can reassure and we are left to ourselves with strangers even if friendships are forged as we go.

I always say that you have to do at least one


in your life because you discover yourself and there is always a before / after.

What is the question that people who recognize you in the street ask you most often on "Koh-Lanta"?

Is it true that you don't eat?

Is it really hard?

Are worms good?

The "tasting" test always impresses viewers, everyone finds it disgusting.

They want to know behind the scenes.

What is the question that you are never asked and that you would have liked to answer?

How long does it last ?

I have never been asked how long I have been in the game. For me, it's 40 days, but depending on the season, for the finalists, the length is not the same.

What is your strongest memory?

For me, that was the final two heats because there was no more elimination on the board and my future in the game was up to me.

I was alone against three who had an alliance.

I knew that if I wanted to go to the end, I could only count on myself.

Each victory was fireworks for me, I knew there was only that I could go to the end.

Have you kept in touch with the candidates for your season?

Yes !

Maude was my adventure companion from the first second when we had absolutely nothing to do.

She was in the fashion world, I was in the social sector so we would never have met in real life.

We immediately hooked.

I am also always in touch with Jimmy and Béatrice.

In the opposing team, there was Nicolas - who unfortunately died last year - and Isabelle with whom I kept in touch afterwards.

Social networks did not exist at the time of your first participation ...

There was internet, but it was so expensive that even I didn't have it.

We only really got the public's opinion live, in the street.

We also received a lot of mail.

I kept the letters, they are filled with love and we realize that people read our interviews because they send us a lot of gifts related to what we say there.

I received lots of tablets and cookbooks because I said I love chocolate.

Today, social networks are completely changing the link between candidates and the public.

Can social networks be a brake on a possible new participation?

Yes, I tell you frankly, if I do not want to remake


, it is partly for that: social networks.

I have teenagers at home and I don't want them to read the hate - because there has to be some too - about me.

I don't want to deal with this.

I take responsibility for who I am and what I do, but when it impacts the family, it's different.

Do you continue to follow "Koh-Lanta"?

I'm trying.

There are a few seasons that I missed.

With the confinement, it was easier to get back to it.



immediately after mine gave me an emotional shock.

When I saw the credits and we were no longer in it, it made me feel weird.

The page was really turned.

Next week, Vincent, candidate of "Koh-Lanta, the secret weapons"


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