Sonja Bakker has decided to quit her job.

The diet guru has recently been in the news regularly because she would have committed plagiarism.

On Saturday she announced to

RTL Boulevard

that she needs rest.

In recent weeks, several food bloggers and dietitians have accused Bakker of copying recipes for her own books.

There are several recipes in her book that are identical to those in the magazine



"It is always very important to me that I can stand behind my words 100 percent, which is why it is difficult for me that this happened," Bakker, who eventually had to admit that something had been copied, to



"I am very upset about it at the moment and I feel 100 percent responsible for what happened. I need rest in the coming period."

Sonja Bakker and her diet were very popular, especially in the first years of this century.

Following her diet, so-called 'sonjabakkeren', was even included in the

Dikke van Dale

in 2005