China News Service, Liuzhou, September 19 (Zhu Liurong) Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, a bakery manufacturer in Liuzhou City, Guangxi issued a "flavor warning" and launched mooncakes with dark black snail powder, which became the "net celebrity" of the mooncake circle.

  In the Mid-Autumn Festival competition for taste buds, there are also “rookie talents” such as mustard fresh meat moon cakes, cold pot skewers moon cakes, and Hu spicy soup flavor moon cakes.

Like snail noodles mooncakes, their appearance also comes with the attribute of "net celebrity", and they are labeled as "dark cuisine" in the mooncake circle, and the topic continues.

  Snail powder moon cakes are not the first time this year.

As early as the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2017, a company in Liuzhou City shared 60 kilograms of snail powder mooncakes for free, which has attracted a lot of attention.

Since then, snail powder moon cakes have been active in the moon cake circle of the Mid-Autumn Festival every year.

  Last year, Guangxi Xilena Industrial Co., Ltd. ("Xilina"), which briefly launched snail powder mooncakes in physical stores, has increased the research and development and promotion of snail powder mooncakes this year. After it was launched again in August, the demand was in short supply. The trend.

  “We use cuttlefish juice to color the crust of the snail noodle powder and mooncakes to make the “dark cuisine” worthy of the name.” Hu Bin, vice chairman of Xilena, introduced that the fillings include sour bamboo shoots, snail meat, sauerkraut, shredded pork, etc. It was adjusted again and again to find a taste that suits the public.

At present, about 100,000 boxes have been sold. "Recently, there have been additional orders, but the production schedule has expired and I can only refuse."

  It is not the Xilena family that launches snail noodle mooncakes.

The snail powder production enterprise Guangxi Luo Bawang Food Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Luo Bawang"), and Dunhuang Fine Arts Institute jointly launched the snail powder moon cake, which is also dark black, integrated with the cultural and creative elements of the country, and called out "a box of refreshing Mooncake" slogan.

  “Currently, the sales of snail noodles and moon cakes reached 440,000 yuan, which is still growing rapidly." According to Huang Rubiao, manager of the e-commerce department of Luo Bawang, the fillings are presented with traditional five-core and fragrant snail noodles. Many people like it and some Reflecting the "darkness", the company will continue to upgrade the taste of mooncakes based on the feedback collected.

  Regarding the continued prosperity of snail noodles and moon cakes, Cheng Hao, an associate researcher of Guangxi Liuzhou Snail noodles Engineering Technology Center, believes that the combination of his own hot snail noodles and moon cakes creates a novel and unique product that captures people’s curiosity and early adopters; It is inseparable from the continuous innovation and research and development of snail noodles and mooncakes by manufacturers and scientific researchers.

  In order to attract customers and expand the sales market, merchants continue to introduce moon cakes of different styles and flavors to cater to the changes in the tastes of mainstream consumer groups of "post-90s" and "post-00s", and enhance product competitiveness through product differentiation.

However, many new mooncake "rookies" disappeared after the limelight, and were quickly forgotten.

  Cheng Hao said that product innovation is not a simple 1+1>2. Various moon cakes constructed with novel fillings have not established a sense of experience higher than traditional moon cakes after subverting consumers’ perception of moon cakes. Remember, it's normal for consumers to take a little taste.

"For a mooncake'rookie' to want a'Changhong', it must not only have a clear positioning, continuous innovation, and develop a taste and flavor that most people accept, but also high quality and reasonable price."

  Hu Bin said frankly that new-flavored mooncakes, such as snail powder mooncakes, are aimed at the youth market, "this is the future of the enterprise."

It takes time for new foods to be accepted and liked by people, and companies must persist.

The company will work with relevant departments to formulate relevant production standards for snail noodles and mooncakes, and continue to optimize and subdivide the flavors, making them a specialty bakery product in Liuzhou.

  Moon cakes are a major symbol of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The shape of moon cakes symbolizes reunion.

The constantly updated flavors of mooncakes, while staging a battle for taste buds, have also achieved the expectations and memories of traditional festivals for people of different ages, adding different festival experiences and fun.