Taku Yamazoe, a member of the Communist Party from the Tokyo constituency of the House of Councilors, was sent documents to the police for crossing the railroad tracks when he visited Saitama Prefecture to take a picture of the railroad tracks last November. Was revealed on his own Twitter.

This was revealed on Twitter by a 36-year-old member of the House of Councilors Taku Yamazoe of the Communist Party on the 18th.

According to the report, when Mr. Yamazoe visited Nagatoro Town, Saitama Prefecture in November last year to take a picture of his hobby, he told the police on the 16th of this month that he had crossed the Chichibu Railway track in a place where crossing was prohibited. It means that the documents have been sent.

Mr. Yamazoe said, "I regret that it was a careless act. Recognizing that it is a passable road, I went to a time when the train was not approaching. I will prevent this from happening again in the future. I will post it on Twitter.