Last year, American weekly magazine Time selected Gitanjali Rao, a famous child scientist, as 'Child of the Year'. This is because they are actively working to solve social problems, such as developing kits to analyze water pollution and apps to prevent cyberbullying.

Reporter Lee Joo-sang met with Rao, who visited Korea to attend a domestic event.


Gitanjali Rao, a 15-year-old high school student, became interested in social issues in 2014 when the water supply was contaminated in Flint, Michigan, USA.

Rao, who was 9 years old at the time, decided to take the initiative, and developed a carbon nanotube kit that detects water pollution sources and sends the results to a mobile phone.

[Gitanjali Rao/Time Selected 2020 'Child of the Year': We all have the right to know exactly the composition of the water we drink every day and to be supplied with clean water.]

Equipment for diagnosing drug addiction and artificial intelligence to prevent cyberbullying He continued to be interested in solving social problems through science, such as developing intelligent apps.

[Gitanjali Rao/Time Selected 2020 'Child of the Year': I applied science and technology to solving problems of the global environment and helping people. It is using science as a catalyst for social change.]

This is why Rao was chosen as the 'Child of the Year' by Time magazine last year.

Rao believes that he can change the world by sharing his vision with other children.

[Gitanjali Rao/Time Selected 2020 'Child of the Year': To change the world, all you need is curiosity and drive, and we all already have it. Now is the time to find out and develop it.]

Rao, whose hobbies are piano and fencing, did not hide his love for K-Pop.

[Gitanjali Rao/Time Selected 2020 'Child of the Year': If it's a


song, I'm proud that I can tell what kind of song it is in 3 seconds as soon as it starts.]