Tomorrow (the 20th) will continue with mild early autumn weather.

The skies across the country will be mostly clear, and the mornings and evenings will be cool, but it will be a little hot during the day.

On the day of Chuseok, there is a rain forecast for the whole country.

At dawn, strong rain will pour in order, starting from the west, and we will record a precipitation of over 100mm at most.

Fortunately, the sun will clear for a while from the afternoon, and thanks to that, we can see the full moon through the clouds.

There will be thick fog until morning tomorrow.

The fog will gradually disappear as the temperature rises.

The morning temperature will be 19 degrees in Seoul, a little lower than today, and the highest temperature in the daytime will rise to 28 degrees in Seoul.

Rain forecast for the western provinces is also included on the last day of the holiday.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)