Today (the 20th), the sky will be clear.

However, if you are going home from early in the morning, you should be careful as there are places in the inland where fog blocks your view.

The mornings are cool, but it can feel a bit hot during the day.

You should control your body temperature with a light coat, and strong winds will blow inland and along the coast today.

Tomorrow, the day of Chuseok, there is heavy rain news, but it will start raining in the west at dawn and will spread to most areas in the morning.

As the rain clouds move from west to east, it is accompanied by thunder and lightning, resulting in very strong rainfall of up to 50 mm per hour.

To the west, you will be able to see the full moon faintly as the days begin to clear around tomorrow evening.

Even on the last day of the holiday, there are reports of rain in most areas, and after the rain has stopped, the cold air will come down, so it will be cool during the day.

(Meteorological Caster Ahn Su-jin)