On September 18, a group of white dolphins was spotted at the Nan'an Work Station of the Quanzhou Maritime Police Bureau of Fujian Province while on duty at sea.

  At about 9:30 in the morning of the same day, the law enforcement officers of the station drove a law enforcement boat to conduct daily patrols and inspections in the Shijing waters of the jurisdiction and encountered a group of dolphins.

  They jump into the air from time to time, pick waves and pierce flowers, and sometimes float and glimpse, play and swim.

Because the white dolphins are located near the channel, they are easily crushed and rubbed by the passing ships. To ensure their safety, the boat actively “escorts” the Chinese white dolphins who are diving and swimming in the water. Remind the passing ships to take care of avoidance. After 1 hour, they were successfully escorted to a safe sea area.

(Wu Shengwei and Xiong Weijun)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]