What can school education do to control the chaos in the "rice circle"

  Guo Jie (Principal of Beijing Huiwen Middle School)

  On June 15, the Central Cyberspace Administration announced that it would launch a two-month special action on "Clearness ·'Rice Circle' Chaotic Rectification" nationwide. Fans tore each other verbal abuses, stigmatize wars, spread rumors, and encourage fans of the "rice circle" to compare and show off their wealth, extravagant enjoyment and other behaviors.

A few days ago, the Central Cyberspace Administration of China proposed 10 measures to further strengthen the governance of the "fan circle", including canceling the star artist list, regulating fan group accounts, prohibiting the presentation of mutual tearing information, not inducing fan consumption, and regulating fund-raising behaviors.

  In recent years, as "traffic" has been introduced into the domestic film and television industry, "fans" have become an important factor affecting the structure of the entertainment industry. Capital agitation and the industry chain have helped breed fans who are irrationally chasing stars, tearing each other without a bottom line, cheering for rankings and scoring. Views, malicious attacks and abuse, and other chaos that seriously damage the personal rights and mental health of others.

The special action "Qinglang·Ranquan chaos rectification" has been carried out for more than two months and has achieved positive results.

Recently, the Central Propaganda Department issued the "Notice on Carrying out Comprehensive Management Work in the Cultural and Entertainment Field", which included eight aspects including strengthening variety show management, list product management, fan consumption management and restricting minors from irrational star chasing. Comprehensive rectification of chaos in the rice circle.

  The comprehensive management of the cultural and entertainment field and the management of chaos in the "rice circle" is a systematic project. Government functional departments, industry regulatory agencies, film and television program production agencies, Internet platforms, news media, and schools at all levels need to perform their duties to form an overall coordination. , Grasping the joint governance of co-management.

The chaotic phenomenon of the “rice circle” has had many adverse effects on society, and it is particularly likely to have serious adverse effects on minors. School education with primary and secondary schools as the main body should combine its own characteristics and advantages to participate in the “rice circle” chaos. Play a special and important role in elephant governance.

  First of all, school education must be committed to improving the online literacy of minors and effectively strengthening the online protection of minors.

In the past, minors’ star-chasing were mainly manifested as personal behaviors. Now the rise and development of the Internet has brought great convenience to star-chasing behaviors. People chasing stars present a highly centralized, large-scale, and "organized" state.

According to the “Research Report on National Minors’ Internet Usage in 2020” issued by the Ministry of Youth Rights Protection of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, China Internet Network Information Center, and China Youth New Media Association, netizens among elementary school students accounted for 5.6% of their fan support activities, while those of junior high school students were 11%, high school student netizens accounted for 10.3%; fan support through the Internet has become a new type of online social and recreational activities for underage netizens.

  The new version of the "Law on the Protection of Minors" officially implemented on June 1 this year added a special chapter on "Network Protection", stipulating that schools should perform responsibilities such as rational use of the Internet for teaching activities, strict management of students’ smart terminal products, and preventing students from indulging in the Internet. .

From the perspective of the requirements for participating in the management of chaos in the “rice circle”, on the basis of doing the above work well, primary and secondary schools should also be equipped with special educational resources and strengths, pay attention to students’ online behavior, set up targeted professional courses or organize special teaching , To help minors improve their ability to use the Internet in a scientific way to expand their knowledge, promote their growth and become talents, and improve their safe and civilized use of the Internet; guide parents to pay attention to students’ use of the Internet at home through parent schools, and help students improve their use of the Internet. The literacy of self-protection and resistance to the erosion of bad network factors.

  Second, in accordance with the relevant arrangements and regulations of the central government, we must educate and guide minors to chase stars rationally and scientifically.

Star chasing is a long-standing social and psychological phenomenon. Not only are minors easy to fall into the enthusiasm of star chasing because of their young age and strong emotions, many adults are also unavoidable from the urge to chase stars.

Star chasing by minors cannot be completely banned. You can only take advantage of the situation and strive to benefit and eliminate disadvantages. In today's Internet age, minors, as "Internet natives," are often more proficient in using online resources and means to chase stars.

Therefore, when schools regulate minors’ star-chasing behaviors, they must adapt to the characteristics and trends of the Internet age, integrate and revitalize social and cultural resources inside and outside the school, and adopt a variety of digital forms to enhance the effectiveness of education and guidance.

  Specifically, it is necessary to provide a scientific and complete "Star Chasing Atlas" for minors, and comprehensively show to elementary and middle school students outstanding elements, outstanding talents, industry elites, The extraordinary deeds of "stars" from all walks of life, including young leaders, advanced models, and heroes who made major sacrifices.

Minors should be made aware that all outstanding people who have made significant contributions to social and economic development and reform and opening up, and represent the development direction of advanced culture and civilization, are all "stars" worthy of admiration and serving as role models for learning. Should be limited to celebrities in the field of entertainment, let alone indulge in a few "top-tier" and unable to extricate themselves.

  To this end, schools should incorporate content that guides students to chase stars rationally in courses such as Chinese, history, ideological and moral character, the rule of ethics, and psychological education, or set up targeted education and guidance and rational chasing project courses, using Yuan Longping, Zhong Nanshan, Zhang Guimei ( The founder and principal of Yunnan Lijiang Huaping Girls’ Senior High School, who was awarded the "July 1st Medal" by the Party Central Committee and other outstanding figures in various industries, effectively meet the needs of minors to learn stars and chase stars, and prevent and resist "rice circle style" "Irrational star-chaser or even vulgar star-chaser confuses and infringes on minors.

  In short, to actively participate in the comprehensive management of the cultural and entertainment field, to work with all parties to explore the establishment of a long-term mechanism for the management of the "meal circle", and to build a lively, clear and healthy "star chasing" culture for minors, and school education is promising.