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Spain enters as of this Friday in

a new stage towards the control of the virus


The incidence, after a drop of five points, stands at 91.21 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

This means that the country is already in a better situation than at the beginning of the fifth wave (then the AI ​​stood at 92).

The number of new cases has also decreased, 3,222, when 4,075 were notified yesterday and 4,440 a week ago.

Also, mortality has dropped considerably in recent days.

This Friday there have been 44 deaths, a figure much lower than yesterday (101) and seven days ago (72).

The total number of deaths since the start of the pandemic is 85,783.

AI also

continues to decline

among young people,

protagonists of this fifth wave that finally seems to have come to an end.

In the most affected age group, those under 11 years of age, it stands at 127.86 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, decreasing by five points since Thursday.

The indicator in those between 12 and 19 years old, the second "worst" situated, also falls to 100.88 after falling 11. The third in IA is now the group over 80 years old (100.56).


regions most affected by the coronavirus continue to be Melilla, with an AI of 249.21;

Ceuta (201.90), Basque Country (129.29) and Cantabria (128.67).

Asturias (27.39), Canarias (71.97), Castilla y León (73.45) and Galicia (75.91) are the ones with the lowest incidence.

It also reduces

hospital pressure.

3.18% of hospital beds are occupied by 3,809 Covid patients (yesterday the occupancy was 3.30%, with 138 more patients), and the percentage reaches 11.28% in the case of Hospital Units. Intensive Care (ICU), after a significant drop in the last 24 hours (yesterday it was 11.62%, with 30 more patients).



Madrid remain substantially engaged with a 21.80% occupancy.

Below are those of Catalonia (17.92%), the Basque Country (15.54%) and Aragon (14.73%).

On the contrary, Asturias (3.69%), Galicia (3.87%), Murcia (4.54%) and Extremadura (5.85%) are the autonomous regions with the lowest ICU occupancy.

It must be remembered that these percentages only contemplate patients admitted for coronavirus.

To calculate the real occupation, we must add those found there due to other pathologies and surgeries.

In Europe, the United Kingdom continues to lead in incidence (714.4), followed by Switzerland (417.0) and Turkey (398.3).

The most comfortable countries on the continent are, once again, Poland (17.2), the Czech Republic (48.8) and Ukraine (96.9).

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