China News Service, Beijing, September 18 (Reporter Du Yan) Today, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation that during the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2021, Beijing expressways will not implement the toll-free policy. The average daily traffic volume of expressways is estimated to be 2.303 million. Railway, civil aviation, and inter-provincial passenger transportation averaged 1.037 million passengers per day in and out of Beijing, the average daily passenger volume of ground public transport was 5.617 million, and the average daily passenger volume of rail transit was 5.354 million.

The city's transportation system will continue to work hard to prevent and control the epidemic in a strict and practical manner.

Among them, September 18 is the last working day before the holiday. Due to the unrestricted traffic at the end of Saturday, the evening peak may be advanced to 15:00, and road congestion is prominent.

The peak operating pressure on the evening of September 18 was outstanding

  Beijing will resume inter-provincial tourism on September 10. It is expected that during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the demand for citizens to go out for leisure and entertainment, visit relatives and friends, and short-distance suburban self-driving trips will increase, and the city's traffic operation pressure will increase significantly.

It is expected that on the four key days of September 18 (Saturday), September 20 (Monday), September 21 (Tuesday), and September 22 (Wednesday), road congestion in Beijing will be prominent.

  September 18th is the last working day before the holiday. Due to the unrestricted traffic on the end of Saturday, due to the holiday, it is expected that the road network will have obvious pre-holiday travel characteristics, and the whole day will be congested for a long time.

Among them, the road congestion is the most prominent in the evening rush hour. The road network enters a congested state at about 15:00, about 2 hours earlier than the working day of the same period, and lasts until about 22:00. The peak traffic index is expected to reach 8.34.

  Universal Studios officially opened at 12 o'clock on September 20th. It is expected that the park will be more concentrated on September 20th and 21st. The Beijing-Harbin Expressway, Tongyan Expressway, the main road of East Sixth Ring Road and the surrounding Universal Avenue leading to Universal Studios are expected There may be short-term traffic concentration.

At the same time, during the holidays, the demand for flexible travel by citizens such as visiting relatives and friends will increase, and the traffic pressure around the city's popular scenic spots and business districts will increase.

  September 22 is the first working day after the Mid-Autumn Festival. Due to the superimposed effects of commuting and commuting to school, congestion in the direction of the main loop and connecting lines in the morning peak is prominent, and the peak traffic index is expected to reach 8.38.

Tidal traffic will appear at some high speeds

  During the holidays, there is a strong demand for citizens to visit relatives and travel.

In terms of roads in the city, it is expected that the roads around the city's key scenic spots will usher in a peak of traffic. The passenger flow around the key scenic spots in the holiday season will be concentrated from 10 am to 16:00, and the road network congestion is basically in a state of "congestion".

Among them, the road congestion around the Palace Museum, Beihai Park, Beijing Zoo, Jingshan Park, and Beijing Botanical Garden is the most prominent.

At the same time, the city's key business districts will continue to maintain a high degree of popularity.

Among them, the road congestion around Beijing apm, Beijing Fang, Sanlitun Taikoo Li, and Sanlitun SOHO business district are the most congested.

  Regarding expressways, the expressway traffic policy during the Mid-Autumn Festival will remain unchanged.

It is estimated that the average daily traffic volume of expressways is 2.303 million vehicles, a slight increase from the same period in 2019.

Among them, some expressways will still show the phenomenon of tidal traffic of "exit Beijing in the early stage and enter Beijing in the later stage".

  Among them, on the first day of the holiday, traffic pressure on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Beijing-Chengdu Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and some national highways going out of Beijing will increase significantly, and important nodes are prone to poor traffic caused by heavy traffic.

The last day of the holiday is expected to usher in the return peak, Beijing-Tibet Expressway, Beijing-Chengdu Expressway, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway, Daguang Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and the bridge area where the Fifth Ring Road intersects, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway Doudian to Sixth Ring Road, Beijing-Tibet Expressway Badaling Duan etc. will appear to be slow.

 Buses and subways will increase capacity

  During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the daily average passenger volume of ground public transport is expected to be 5.617 million, recovering to more than 80% in the same period in 2019, with a peak of 5.80 million and 7.289 million on September 18.

  In order to protect citizens from traveling, the routes passing through the Universal Resort, the zoo, Beihai and other key tourist attractions will be arranged in advance for the capacity of large passenger flows.

For the routes from the urban area to the suburban tourist attractions such as Badaling, transportation will be ensured, and the traffic conditions of tourist attractions and surrounding major highways will be closely monitored, and the regional transportation capacity arrangements will be adjusted in time.

  During the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the daily average passenger volume of Beijing Rail Transit is expected to be 5.354 million, which will recover to 70% of the same period in 2019, with a peak of 5.594 million and 10.975 million on September 18.

Rail transit will increase the capacity or extend the evening peak operating hours depending on the situation to effectively evacuate the large passenger flow.

 Strengthen law enforcement and supervision to maintain the order of transportation environment

  During the holidays, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Comprehensive Law Enforcement Corps will launch special services to strengthen the maintenance of the environmental order of the ground and underground transportation in the core areas, transportation stations, key parks, bustling business districts, and rail transit stations.

Strengthen law enforcement inspections on epidemic prevention and control in the transportation industry, strengthen law enforcement inspections on taxis, "two passengers and one danger", rail transit, ground buses, highways and other transportation industries, and strictly investigate all types of violations of traffic epidemic prevention measures and endanger the safety of industry operations , Acts in violation of laws and regulations that affect the order of transportation and infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of passengers.

  In key station areas such as airports and long-distance bus stations, we will crack down on illegal operations such as cross-provincial passenger transportation "black cars" through point-line integration and point-to-surface integration; in key tourist attractions such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Houhai, Badaling, and Wangfujing , Xidan, Sanlitun and other key prosperous commercial districts, law enforcement forces follow the flow of passengers and cars, and strengthen guards and encrypted inspections during the concentrated entrance and exit periods of tourists and peak hours; at key rail transit stations and lines, fixed guards and mobile inspections are combined Strengthen order maintenance; increase the frequency of inspections on major expressways and key traffic roads to create a good traffic and transportation environment for citizens.

  The Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission stated that during the holidays, the Beijing transportation industry will continue to strictly implement normalized epidemic prevention and control measures. It is recommended that the general public take personal protection when traveling on holidays, make appointments in advance to visit parks, and check travel information in advance to avoid peak hours. And popular areas, try to choose public transportation, green travel, and off-peak travel.