The Danjiri Festival in Kishiwada City, Osaka, which was canceled last year due to the influence of the new corona, is being held after taking measures against infection, such as installing a blindfold curtain along the road to prevent spectators from gathering. ..

The Kishiwada Danjiri Festival is a traditional festival that has continued for more than 300 years since the Edo period, hoping for abundant five grains.

It was canceled last year to prevent the spread of the new corona, but this is being held from the 18th to the 2nd day, saying that "if it is stopped for 2 consecutive years, it will hinder the inheritance of tradition".

After requesting the festival management organization to thoroughly prevent infection, Kishiwada City did not allow the store to open and put up a blindfold along the road to prevent spectators from gathering.

There is a piece of paper on the curtain calling for "self-restraint from viewing", but while the sounds of drums and flutes echo, when people in happi coats pull a danjiri, they take pictures through the gaps and see how they "roll around". There were also people who were on the lookout.

While some criticized the implementation of the corona, the festival management group inoculated vaccinations for the hands of the danjiri, banned drinking and social gatherings on public roads, and ended the line. It is said that measures have been taken thoroughly, such as opening the tail and head by 10 meters or more.

The city is urging people not to visit the site on their website.