China News Service, September 18th (Li Shuzheng and Yao Jun) Are "anti-fraud" mooncakes fragrant?

In addition to sending blessings this Mid-Autumn Festival, there are also anti-fraud tips.

  On September 15, in the canteen of the Wujing Police Station of the Minhang Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, police officers were packing boxes of freshly made mooncakes. "", and a "QR code" prompting the installation of the National Fraud Center APP is posted on the outer packaging of each moon cake.

A "QR code" prompting the installation of the National Fraud Center APP is also affixed on the outer packaging of each moon cake.

Photo courtesy of Shanghai Police

  These anti-fraud-themed moon cakes were successively distributed to several community police officers including Yue Cheng and Zong Minxuan.

Policeman Yue Cheng said, “We have sorted out the residents who have triggered anti-fraud warnings for many times this year. There are 19 residents (warnings) in total for more than 2 times. In fact, we have always kept in touch with these residents. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, we hope to come to the door in a special way to'harass', not only to care about their current situation, but also to send the police blessings of family reunion."

  Resident Mr. Zhu said after receiving the mooncakes: “I wanted to borrow online loans to download a few apps before, but the police repeatedly came to the door, and people thought I did something bad. Now that’s all right, I’ll ask them again, and I said it’s for me. I am bringing mooncakes."

  Police officer Chen Xing said that this idea really came from the Internet celebrity moon cakes that had been popular some time ago. "From the purchase of abrasive tools to the selection of fillings, we carefully make each month cake. Not only is the form an exclusive order, but the taste is also extensive. This test was checked by everyone, and the response was good. I sincerely hope that everyone will not be cheated after eating.” After the mooncakes are made, four in each box are packed. Each box contains one made by the Anti-fraud Center of Minhang Public Security Bureau. The fraud prevention reminder.

The police distributed "anti-fraud" moon cakes to community workers.

Photo courtesy of Shanghai Police

  In addition to high-risk potential victims, Jiang Hongmei, director of comprehensive management of Hongmei Jingyuan No. 1 Residential Committee, also received a box of "anti-fraud" mooncakes. Community police Xu Minjun said that she would like to thank Director Jiang for his efforts as an anti-fraud volunteer.

Jiang Hongmei said: "I am very happy to receive this'limited edition' moon cakes. The idea of ​​the police station is good. In the past, when we came to my door to discourage potential victims, we inevitably had to shut the door. Now they come with moon cakes in their hands, and (they) have a much more amiable attitude. The important thing is that we hope to arouse more residents' attention and participation in anti-fraud through this form."

  Wang Yandong, the instructor of the Wujing Police Station, said: "We hope that through the'cross-border' form of'anti-fraud' mooncakes, the police's sincerity in anti-fraud propaganda can be demonstrated, so that more people can participate, and the'national anti-fraud' work can be more grounded. Gas." (End)