The latest developments in the "Mall Girl" incident, she said to her friend: "I want to commit suicide," and she did not believe her

The Egyptian Public Prosecution revealed the latest details of the investigations into the suicide of Mayar Mohamed, 23, known in the media as “The Mall Girl,” from the sixth floor of the “City Stars Mall” in Nasr City, which spread widely and was widely circulated among platform activists. Social Media.

Information circulated by newspapers and local websites indicated that Mayar is a student at the Faculty of Dentistry, and that she committed suicide because of her suffering from family problems and disputes, and that she arranged to commit suicide hours before the execution of the incident in this way, which caused a state of terror and panic among the pioneers of the famous mall.

Investigations stated that Mayar was accompanied by her friend, Naira, who is a colleague of her at the Faculty of Dentistry, and that she met her in a cafe at three in the afternoon and sat with her for about two hours, and at five o’clock her friend left, and Mayar stayed inside the mall alone for 4 hours even before she committed suicide. .

According to Naira, Mayar spoke about her psychological suffering due to differences and problems with her family, as she told her: "I want to commit suicide because I am tired," and the friend tried to relieve her and did not take her words seriously.

The father of the "mall girl" told the investigation authorities that she committed suicide because he prevented her from repeatedly leaving the house to meet her friends and colleagues, and that he did not know the time or place of suicide, and that he learned about the news from the detectives.

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