Dialogue|Putian suspected source case: I have received a lot of abuse and harassment, hope to be understood

  The Fujian epidemic affects people's hearts.

According to information from the Fujian Health Commission on September 17, Fujian Province has reported a total of 261 local confirmed cases since September 10.

  Lin Moujie, from Fengting Town, Xianyou County, is considered to be the suspected source of the Fujian epidemic.

After returning from Singapore on August 4, Lin Moujie was quarantined for 21 days in accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. At the same time, he was also quarantined at home, during which multiple nucleic acid test results were negative.

Unexpectedly, on September 10th, Lin Moujie's son, daughter and wife were successively identified as confirmed medical records.

  The Putou Primary School and Xiesheng Shoe Factory, which have the largest number of infections, are believed to have been caused by the transmission of Lin Mojie’s children and wife.

Currently, Lin Moujie and his family are still in isolation in the Affiliated Hospital of Putian University.

  On the afternoon of September 16, the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism held a press conference. Wang Hua, chief expert of the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s immunization program, said at the press conference that currently based on epidemiological investigations and laboratory tests, especially sequencing results, it is believed that the epidemic is The source case may be infected during the quarantine period, which may lead to subsequent outbreaks.

  On the evening of September 16, when Lin Moujie was interviewed by The Paper, he said that the whole family is now in the hospital waiting for news.

Lin Mojie said that he ended his working life abroad and resigned and went home. He did not expect that after so many days of quarantine in accordance with government regulations, he was still "recruited."

Since his diagnosis on September 10, he has received many harassing calls and text messages.

  "Actually, I can bear it myself, just because I am afraid of hurting the elderly and children." Lin Moujie said that he didn't even dare to read the comments under the news a few days ago.

Currently, he lives in the same ward with his son, and accompanies the child to study and sleep every day, and encourages the child to "cooperate actively with the doctor so that we can go out soon."

  "If I really are the source, it must be my fault. I apologize to everyone. I hope you can understand and tolerate my family more." Lin Moujie hopes that the experts can investigate this matter clearly and try to clarify it if possible.

He is also worried about the future, "I don't know what kind of life I will face when I return home in the future."

  I ended up working and returned to China, and I was quarantined according to the regulations.

  The Paper: Are you still in isolation?

Which hospital?

  Lin Moujie: Yes, in the Affiliated Hospital of Putian University.

  The Paper: What is your occupation?

Why did you go to Singapore?

  Lin Moujie: I must go to Singapore to make money to support my family. I work in a factory over there, mainly for medical products.

  The Paper: What is going on when you return to China this time?

  Lin Moujie: I have been in Singapore for almost three years and haven't returned home. I can't stay there all the time. There are still wives and children at home.

In addition, I used to earn more than 10,000 yuan (RMB) every month there, but now it is only 4,000 to 5,000 yuan.

I haven't made much money in the last two years, so I want to come back.

This time I have resigned, and I am ready to come back and never pass.

  The Paper: How was the process of coming back this time?

  Lin Moujie: Departure from Singapore at 3pm on August 4th. It should be around 8pm that same day to arrive in Xiamen.

Later, they were delivered to the quarantine hotel in batches, and it was about 12 o'clock in the hotel.

We are very strict with those who come back from overseas, and the whole process is checked at various levels.

After being quarantined in Xiamen for 14 days, he was sent to an quarantine hotel in Xianyou for quarantine for 7 days.

I didn't return home until August 26.

  The Paper: After that, there will be home isolation, right?

  Lin Moujie: Yes.

At home, local government staff also reminded that it is best to continue home isolation at home.

I stayed at home for another 7 days.

I live on the 3rd floor, and I haven't come down on the 3rd floor these days, and I have all the food delivered by my family.

  The Paper: Did you go out after the end of home isolation?

  Lin Moujie: Actually, they are basically at home. I just came out on September 5 to visit my mother-in-law's house in Jieshan Town, Quangang District, Quanzhou City.

  The Paper: How many times do you have an impression of nucleic acid during this process?

  Lin Moujie: It was introduced in the news that after 9 nucleic acid tests were negative and 1 serological test was negative.

But I feel that the serum test was done more than once, it should be 3 or 4 times, and no problems were found.

  The Paper: It was your child who was discovered first.

  Lin Moujie: Yes.

I have two children, a 12-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter.

On September 10, the two children were tested positive for nucleic acid one after another, and then our family was taken to the hospital. Later, my wife also diagnosed positive.

  After the diagnosis, I received a lot of abuse calls, "for fear of hurting the elderly and children"

  The Paper: How are the two children taken care of in the hospital now?

  Lin Moujie: My son lives with me, and my daughter lives with his wife.

  The Paper: Looking at the Internet, you have received a lot of harassing calls after you were admitted to the hospital?

  Lin Moujie: The past two days have been a little better. At the beginning, there were a lot of messy calls and a lot of rumors.

Some say that my family ran to Putian.

I was confused all at once, and I started talking about our family all at once about things that weren't there.

I also often receive inexplicable harassing calls. The call is just a curse, and it is awkward to say, "Why are you staying in a foreign country and come back?" "Why are you here to harm people" and so on.

Some call and some send text messages, and people scold them every day.

  The Paper: Who are these people?

  Lin Moujie: I didn't say my identity, I just cursed a few words when I called, and then hung up.

There are also many ugly comments on the Internet, and I basically dared not read the news or read the comments during the two days.

In fact, what I can bear is that I am afraid of hurting the elderly and children.

  The Paper: Have the elderly and children also been attacked?

  Lin Moujie: My mother is almost 60 years old this year. She has not been diagnosed yet. She is a close contact and is alone in isolation.

She will also be pointed out by many people. I often contact her on the phone to comfort her.

Speaking of my mother, I actually want to cry.

Some people also received some text messages attacking my child, and they spoke horribly, calling my son damn or something.

  The Paper: What do you think of these remarks?

  Lin Moujie: I really don’t know. I actually followed the national regulations strictly. I was very standardized step by step, and I didn’t run around. Except for one time out, I basically stayed at home all the time. "Now, I don't understand.

I can understand everyone's feelings. Everyone is very upset about the epidemic. Indeed, our family is quite innocent.

At the very least, we are people who have studied a certain amount of books. We believe that the government will take care of it.

You can't stop the scolding, and you can't reason with them.

I can only understand that they are pointing to us without knowing it.

  I dare not talk to my son about the infection of his classmates, "I hope the investigation will be clear."

  The Paper: Are you usually more cautious in protecting this area?

  Lin Moujie: I have been abroad for the past three years. I watch the news related to the epidemic every day and I understand the severity of the epidemic.

The epidemic situation in Singapore has been good and bad, and we have experienced it at its worst. Therefore, protection is of special importance to me.

For example, keep a distance between people, wear masks, and don't talk to each other on airplanes.

When I came back this time, I also specially selected a better time point before coming back. I didn't expect to "won the bid".

  The Paper: Do you usually talk to your 12-year-old son why he was in the hospital? Does he have a concept about this?

  Lin Moujie: I dare not tell him more, he should know a little bit when he is so old.

But we can't tell him these messy things, worrying that the more and more the child will think about it.

  The Paper: How is the child's condition these days?

  Lin Moujie: They are all very good.

Mainly sleep and read books every day.

Sometimes I watch TV for a while.

  The Paper: Will he ask questions like "Dad, when can we go out"?

  Lin Moujie: I occasionally ask.

I always said that we must cooperate with the doctor. When the doctor tells us to go home, we can go home. Don't worry, don't worry.

Try to comfort him.

  The Paper: Will he say he wants to go out?

  Lin Moujie: Fortunately, no.

He also knew that he could not go out.

  The Paper: Will you talk about other infected students in their class?

  Lin Moujie: No, he doesn't know much about these situations, right? I didn't mention it, nor did he say it.

I'm worried about talking too much and putting pressure on my children, and I don't want to do that either.

  The Paper: How are your wife and daughter now?

  Lin Moujie: All are very good.

Live in the same hospital as us, but in a different ward.

We usually make video calls to each other to comfort each other.

  The Paper: At today’s State Council press conference, experts in disease control have specifically talked about your problem. According to epidemiological investigations and laboratory tests, especially sequencing results, it is believed that the source of the epidemic may be the infection during the concentrated isolation period. , Which in turn led to subsequent outbreaks.

Did you follow this news?

  Lin Moujie: I saw it.

I don’t know, I’m just waiting for news.

  The Paper: What plans and plans do you have next?

  Lin Moujie: We try not to think about this. We can only say that we cooperate with good doctors, and cooperate with good doctors quickly so that we can all go home.

Another one, we hope that it is best to investigate this matter clearly, if we can try to clarify it.

If I really are the source, it must be my fault. I apologize to everyone.

I am worried about what kind of life I will face when I return home in the future.

I hope you will have more understanding and tolerance for our family.