The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and it's time to eat mooncakes again.

In the eyes of Chongqing people who love hot pot, everything can be hot.

How does it feel to put mooncakes in a spicy hot pot and eat them hot?

Recently, a hot pot restaurant in Chongqing has opened its doors and launched a wonderful way of eating "moon cake hot pot", attracting many diners to come and taste it.

  On September 17, the reporter came to this hot pot restaurant in the basement of Chongqing Nanping Pedestrian Pedestrian Street Farmers’ Market. After passing through the not-wide antique city gate, it suddenly became clear. There were more than 30 hot pot tables filled with diners. All young people.

Many diners said that they came to "check in" with the novel way of eating "moon cake hot pot", and try the taste of moon cake hot pot.

  It is understood that this hot pot restaurant "moon cake hot pot" mainly has two ways to eat: one is to use shrimp slip as the raw material, with dragon fruit, cuttlefish juice, spicy pepper, purple sweet potato and other flavors of shrimp slip moon cake; The other is the traditional mooncakes with five kernels, golden hook, and bean paste stuffed directly in the pot and eaten.

  After trying these two ways, diners said that the taste is very good, especially the five-ren moon cakes are coated with hot spicy red oil after being cooked.

(Reporter Xiao Jiangchuan)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]