American actor Nicolas Cage will never retire if it's up to him.

He tells this in an interview with

Entertainment Weekly.

"That just can't happen. What I do in cinema has worked like a guardian angel, I need it," said the actor.

"I'm a healthier person when I work. I need a positive place to express all my life experience and that's what making movies has given me. So I'm never going to retire."

The 57-year-old actor, known for films such as

Leaving Las Vegas



, thinks it's important that he stays interested at his age.

"If I'm not interested, you won't be either," he says.

"It gets harder as we get older. So I have to find new ways to express myself, new challenges."

Just because he doesn't want to retire, doesn't mean he doesn't want to take breaks.

"God permitting, when I finish the next two films, I want to take a break. I think it's time to recharge."