On September 17, Chongqing, the giant panda twins who were born in the Chongqing Zoo ushered in the "hundred days" and are now launching a call for names.

  It is understood that the giant panda mother is called "Mangzai". In February this year, she completed natural mating with the giant panda father "Jinke" at the China Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center. On June 10 this year, accompanied by the staff, she was safe. Give birth to the twin brothers.

This is the second time that "Mangzai" has successfully given birth to twins.

  The Chongqing Zoo has artificially assisted pandas to raise pandas. One is brought by the mother panda and the other is artificially raised in the nursery box. The pandas are exchanged in turn, so that the pandas can eat breast milk in time and defecate normally.

After 100 days of careful parenting, the two cubs grew well: the older brother weighed 6060 grams, and the younger brother weighed 5680 grams.

The elder brother is more active and more vigilant, and the younger brother is gentler and relatively quiet.

(Jia Nan, Lu Chenchen and Xue Jian produced Yue Ziyan)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]