China News Service, Luzhou, September 17 (Zou Li, Yang, Lu, Yang, Zhang Lang) The reporter learned from the second press conference for earthquake relief in Luxian County, Luzhou City on the 17th, as of 12:00 on September 17, "9· 16" The magnitude 6.0 earthquake in Luxian County resulted in 3 deaths and no new deaths; 146 people were injured (of which: 3 people were seriously injured, 1 person became lightly injured after treatment, and the vital signs of the other 2 severely injured persons were stable).

76,548 people were urgently transferred and 14,400 people were resettled.

The disaster situation such as house damage is being further verified.

  During the 72-hour golden rescue period, more than 7,400 professional rescue forces including armed police, firefighting, comprehensive emergency response, mine rescue, and militia have been mobilized, and 95 rescue equipment including 304 vehicles, patrol boats, and excavators have been deployed to carry out search and rescue operations.

Give full play to the role of party organizations in towns (sub-districts) and villages (communities) as fighting fortresses, organize county and village cadres, and conduct search and rescue investigations in full coverage in accordance with the requirements of "checking each house, not missing a household, and meeting everyone."

At present, the first round of comprehensive search and rescue work has been completed in 20 towns (streets) in Lu County.

  At present, hospitals have admitted and treated a total of 146 wounded, of which 50 were hospitalized and 96 were discharged after observation, examination, and treatment.

Two severely injured patients were admitted to the Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University, where "one person, one case" multidisciplinary consultation was implemented.

People with minor injuries were admitted to Luxian People's Hospital for treatment, and the epidemic prevention and control work of medical institutions should be done.

  The headquarters has set up 121 resettlement sites such as Luxian No. 2 Middle School and Jiuquhe Park, built 2500 disaster relief tents, allocated 20,700 folding beds, 20,600 quilts, and more than 10,000 living materials. Each resettlement site is equipped with two One police officer is responsible for order maintenance, and two medical personnel are responsible for medical work.

Basic living supplies such as boxed lunch, instant noodles, bread, water, etc. will be distributed by the headquarters at each resettlement point.

The Sichuan Provincial Government allocated 50 million yuan to the disaster-stricken areas in an emergency for temporary living assistance, emergency transfer and resettlement, and disaster-stricken people's treatment expenditures.