Osvalde Lewat, revelation and metamorphosis of a woman in Central Africa

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Writer Osvalde Lewat in studio at RFI (September 2021).

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By: Catherine Fruchon-Toussaint

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Osvalde Lewat was born in Garoua, Cameroon.

Art photographer and producer of several award-winning documentaries, she lives in Paris. "Les Aquatiques" is her first novel.


The Aquatics © Les Escales

"Twenty years after the death of her mother, Katmé Abbia, teacher, learns that the grave must be moved. Her husband, Tashun, prefect of the capital, sees in this new burial the providential opportunity to repair the mistakes of the past and especially to give a boost to her political career.When Samy, a tormented artist, friend and lifelong brother of Katmé, is arrested and thrown in prison, her husband's political ambitions collide with her life and put her in front of a terrible choice.

Carried by a powerful writing where the harshness of reality competes with cold humor, Les Aquatiques is both the interior portrait of a woman who reveals herself to herself and a deep reflection on power games in a contemporary African society. "

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