A 90-year-old defendant was sentenced to five years' imprisonment in a trial charged with negligent driving fatal injury, including the death of his mother and a three-year-old child in a car runaway in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. In response, the bereaved family met and Takuya Matsunaga, who lost his wife and daughter, said, "The battle for trial is over, and we can finally live like ourselves, who both loved us."

In April, a car went out of control in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, killing Mana Matsunaga (31) and her eldest daughter Riko (3), and in an accident in which nine people were seriously injured. (90) was charged with fatal injury due to accidental driving, and the Tokyo District Court sentenced him to five years in prison on the 2nd of this month.

The focus was on the response of the defendant who had been acquitted in the trial that "there was no negligence in driving", but by the 16th of the deadline, neither the defendant nor the prosecution appealed, and the prison sentence was confirmed. ..

Following the confirmation, Mana's husband Takuya Matsunaga and his father Yoshinori Uehara met, and Matsunaga said, "I'm sorry I couldn't hear the defendant admitting negligence until the end. I decided to stay in prison. If so, I want you to have five years to face sin. "

He also told his deceased wife and daughter, "I want to say that I love you from the bottom of my heart. I think that the conflict is finally over and I can live like I was loved by my wife and daughter." I did.