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The great adventure

Gordon says he has "started with the greatest adventure of his life".

On Thursday, he posted photos and videos on Instagram of his flight to Dubai, where he emigrated.

He seems to be doing this together with his new friend Jeffrey de Visser.

"If you decide to jump into the deep end, then rather together. From now on you and I dear", he writes with a photo of him and De Visser.

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Tirelessly patient, sweet and attentive

The son of Trijntje Oosterhuis turned seventeen today and the singer decided to put him in the spotlight on Instagram.

"Untiring, patient, sweet and attentive," she describes Jonas.

"It is wonderful and wonderfully inspiring to walk next to you and see how you stand for energy and future plans in your life! The world is at your feet dear Jonas and you make it more beautiful just by being yourself."

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All ready for again

Jeangu Macrooy has just returned from Berlin and has really enjoyed his friends, good food and 

I Feel Love

by Donna Summer.

Now the singer is completely ready to start making beautiful new things.

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What can't she do?

Karin Bloemen can do a lot, as she discovers again.

Not only will she soon come up with her own crochet book, she also plays an important role in taking the photos for the book: she turns out to be a fantastic bubble blower.

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A break

Dan Karaty and his wife Natasha take a break without children.

On Instagram, the wife of the jury member of, among other things,

Holland's Got Talent


that they "escaped".

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Twinning is winning

Entrepreneur Bas Smit, the husband of presenter Nicolette van Dam, had donned a suit for a change.

He soon regretted that, because that same suit suited former football player Ruud Gullit better.

"Is it difficult for me to wear a suit for the first time, Ruud Gullit is wearing exactly the same," he writes on Instagram.

"Next time, combine it with white, because it looks just that little bit better on him."

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A little sick

Model Sylvia Geersen did not feel well on Thursday, let her know on Instagram.

The solution according to the 35-year-old from Rotterdam?

Sports, sauna, solarium and lingerie shopping.

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'Instagram official'

The blossoming love between the American actress Renée Zellweger and the British presenter Ant Anstead had already been noticed for a few months by the British tabloids, but Anstead made it 'Instagram official' on Thursday by posting a loving photo of the two .

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A new look

Actress Ilse Warringa is getting ready for recordings for the TV program

Het Klokhuis


Before that, she has given herself a new look, we see on



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Secret project

Leo Blokhuis is for a special, still secret job in the United States and shares two photos from Cape Cod in Provincetown.

"More about that soon," the 59-year-old pop journalist writes on Instagram.

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Proud of you

After a time full of hospitalizations and operations, Ruud de Wild was recently declared cancer-free.

Olcay Gulsen is very proud of him.

"What a

roller coaster ride

the past nine months and what a battle you have fought. Now back to work in good health. Secretly miss our afternoon naps and walks. But how nice that you are going to be making radio again," said De Wild's friend.

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Alec Baldwin takes the time to read to three of his seven children from a 

Star Wars


The 63-year-old actor fears that he will no longer be able to get up after this bedtime story, he writes with a photo on Instagram.

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Hard work

Ali B has thought hard about the criticism he received from one of his followers.

The rapper and presenter posted a photo of him sitting on the hood of his car.

The follower believes that Ali B is too much on display with his wealth, "while half of the Netherlands goes to the food bank".

Meanwhile, Ali B has come to the conclusion that he is not going to hide what he has worked hard for, because when he lived in poverty he could be happy for others.

"Check whether you want to be happy for me," said the rapper.

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Without a suit

A party, but without a suit.

For example, Renze Klamer summarizes his new, temporary job as presenter of the NPO Radio 1 program


on Instagram.

"Very excited to start making broadcasts again!"

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No Instagram

for a while Britney Spears' Instagram account is down after she spoke out strongly about her father's curatorship.

Fans of the singer were very concerned about this.

They doubted that someone else might have deactivated the artist's profile.

On Twitter, she reassures her followers by letting them know that it was her own decision and she wants to enjoy her engagement.

Spears' lawyer also confirms the singer's action and says it is temporary.

Don't worry folks … just taking a little break from social media to celebrate my engagement 💍😉 !!!!

I'll be back soon


Author Britney SpearsMoment of places21: 49 - September 14, 2021

a few seconds ago

On a boat

Beyoncé and Jay-Z seem to be having a great time on a very luxurious boat.

In recent weeks, the artist couple has only posted photos on Instagram from a yacht.

5 hours ago


Katja Schuurman family is currently in Spain for the recordings of the new



The actress shares a photo with her opponents on Instagram.

She even has Soy Kroon, Abbey Hoes and Roeland Fernhout as her


family bombed.

yesterday at 11:06

Tinder disappointment

Admirers of Babette van Veen who

thought they had

a date with the


actress will be disappointed.

There appears to be a fake profile of the actress active on Tinder.

"I always think: I get so many messages from people I don't know. But there seems to be a profile of me floating around on Tinder, but I'm not," she wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

I keep thinking how many messages do I get from people I don't know...but there seems to be a profile of me floating around on Tinder, but I'm not...no no no no no.


Author Babette van VeenMoment of places05: 43 - September 14, 2021

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Be kind to each other

Sarah van Soelen is currently in Spain, where she is following media training to better deal with all the media attention that her relationship with André Hazes entails.

She thanks everyone on Instagram for the sweet messages she has received.

"What a love", says Van Soelen.

She also says that she is doing well and that she is "certainly not being influenced by anyone".

With 'someone' she may refer to Yvonne Coldeweijer, who suggested that Van Soelen is in rehab again because of a cocaine addiction.

yesterday at 07:13

Back on the road

Klaas van Kruistum shares a photo from Schiphol.

The presenter is going

to an unknown destination

for the new season of 

Klaas can do everything 


He does let it be known that the assignment he now has to carry out is one he had hoped for for a long time.

yesterday at 04:24

An exclusive party 

Sharon Stone shares photos of her red carpet outfit she wore Monday night at the MET Gala in New York.

The exclusive party normally takes place in May, but due to the corona pandemic, the event has been moved to September this year.

Monday at 20:31

Kate says 'yes'

Actress Kate Hudson is going to marry Danny Fujikawa, the actress announced on Instagram on Monday with a photo of her kissing Fujikawa.

Next to the photo she writes "Let's go", with emoticons of a wedding couple and a church.

This will be Hudson's second marriage.

From 2000 to 2007, she was married to Chris Robinson, the lead singer of The Black Crowes.

Monday at 19:30


Scott Disick, the ex-boyfriend of reality star Kourtney Kardashian, has taken to the sea with his children Penelope and Reign.

He teaches the two youngest of his three children how to sail a boat.

"You have to teach them early," Disick writes on Instagram.

Monday at 17:38

Forty Years of MTV

Madonna opened the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday evening.

The channel exists forty years, and the 63-year-old singer celebrated this in a revealing outfit.

"And they said it wouldn't be long," The Queen of Pop wrote on Instagram.

Monday at 17:38

Monday at 13:35

Christina performs as sexy Statue of Liberty

During her performance at the Lady Land festival in New York, pop singer Christina Aguilera chose a suitable costume, namely that of the Statue of Liberty.

Incidentally, her version was slightly more naked than that of the well-known monument.

Monday at 11:05

Emotional day 

Jan Dulles reflects on the birthday of his daughter on social media.

Donna would have turned one on Monday.

She died three months after birth from complications arising from a tear in her diaphragm.

"We miss you every hour of the day," the singer writes with the photo.

Monday at 06:33

Time for cake

Bridget Maasland has something to celebrate: her son Mees turned thirteen today.

The presenter also celebrates on social media, where she posts a whole series of photos of her son and herself.

Monday at 04:56

Together on the red carpet

Ed Sheeran paid a visit to the MTV VMAs on Sunday.

The artist didn't just walk the red carpet.

He was joined by Maisie Peters, a singer who is under contract with the 

Thinking Out Loud


Monday at 04:53

Full of confidence

Eloise has donned one of her favorite outfits and shares with her followers the importance of garments that give you confidence.

Monday at 04:52

A typical Sunday

Famke Louise now spends her Sundays in baby shops: the musician is expecting her first child and a lot has to be bought for that.

Monday at 04:52

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