Louise Bernard, with Alexis Patri 11:35 am, September 17, 2021

After a first number with disappointing audiences, Nagui's new program "The Artist" returns on Saturday evening on France 2 with a second number.

The musical telecrochet, which wants to bring out singer-songwriters, evolves according to the demands of viewers, in the hope of attracting more curious people.

Saturday evening marks the second round of the face-to-face meeting between the musical telecrochets of TF1 and France 2,

The Voice


The Artist

, the new show from Nagui.

The producer and presenter decided to make some adjustments for his second bounty.

After the bad audiences last Saturday, it was necessary to react: only 13 million viewers were gathered in front of this new program, which aims to bring out singer-songwriters.

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Fewer candidates, more elimination

The host has taken viewers' comments into account and promises a much shorter show.

This second issue will present fewer talents: ten, instead of the 19 selected last week.

The other candidates will sing next week. 

More candidates will be screened out on each show.

No more covers of songs.

Everyone will now have to offer a new song, written and composed by themselves.

A step initially planned for later in the development of the show.

Personal compositions were also the principle announced by

The Artist


From where the astonishment, and even the incomprehension, of the televiewers last Saturday, listening to candidates taking again famous tunes.