Insults, death threats and defamation in Guadeloupe.

The prosecution was seized of "more than ten complaints" indicated Patrick Desjardins, prosecutor of the Republic of Pointe-à-Pitre.

These come from both the health authorities and the prefectural authorities, which are facing a multiplication of insults and death threats for their management of the health crisis.

Among the plaintiffs, Gérard Cotellon, director of the CHU de la Guadeloupe, "lodged three complaints" for "death threats" and for "defamation against all those who say that euthanasia is practiced in the hospital and that we kill the sick, ”he explains.

The latter notably received his “funeral notice in preparation for D-3.

This is the atmosphere ”.

Prefects treated with dogs and "their vaccinodromes" called to be destroyed

On September 3, the prefecture of Guadeloupe denounced the call of a local collective for the “deportation” of the prefect of Guadeloupe, Alexandre Rochatte, whom he accuses of poor management of the health crisis.

Ary Chalus, the president of the Guadeloupe Region, who was committed to vaccination "according to the free choice of each", acknowledges having also been "threatened on social networks (by) a lady" without filing a complaint.

“We're used to it,” he puts into perspective.

A video signed "Gwada Anonymous" circulating on social networks for several weeks also deals with "dogs" the prefects as well as the directors and director of the regional health agencies (ARS) of Martinique and Guadeloupe, calling for the destruction of "their regional agencies health centers and their vaccinodromes ”, as well as their homes.

"Exchanges between pro-vax and anti-vax too tense"

“For some time now, I stopped communicating and talking about it on social networks because I realized that the exchanges between pro-vax and anti-vax were too tense,” says Jocelyn Sapotille, president of the association of mayors of Guadeloupe, involved in favor of vaccination, deploring "a debate [which] has been politicized".

Patricia Braflan Trobo, teacher at the University of the West Indies explains having been the subject of "insults" on social networks following the dissemination of one of her texts on Twitter, while she wanted "to bring another voice in this debate which was confiscated by some and that people make an informed choice ”.

According to private radio RCI Guadeloupe, a host was also the subject of "insults, threats and defamatory remarks" after calling in Creole listeners to "organize", in the middle of the 4th wave, so that the list of opinions funerals announced on the radio continue to grow every day.

The management of the group explains having "lodged a complaint", and denounces "such a level of hatred and such a call for violence", in a press release.

"The essential problem is medical care"

"The excesses observed in recent days challenge us and distress us as much by their ferocity as by the unreason which inspires them", underlines at the same time a group of lawyers in an open letter, calling for "a Guadeloupe start for the return to a peaceful debate ”. Asked about the threats, Gaby Clavier, UTS-UGTG union delegate from the Guadeloupe University Hospital, said “understand the anger”. "We are told that most of the deceased are not vaccinated (but) the essential problem is prior medical care, screening, treatment and early care", denounces Gaby Clavier.

Tuesday, the UGTG and the LKP, a collective which brings together around fifty trade union, associative, political and cultural organizations, in turn lodged a complaint with the prosecutor of Basse-Terre.

To "note the bankruptcy of the administration, the ARS, the prefect, the CHU and health establishments".


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