Since September 15, firefighters, as well as nursing staff in hospitals or retirement homes, have been subject to compulsory vaccination.

In the Loiret, 5 professional firefighters and 152 volunteers were suspended, reports

La République du Center


As required by law, they would have had to prove that they had already received a dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in order to be able to continue working.

As long as they do not comply, they will see their employment contract suspended and therefore their salary not paid.

A changing situation

“We knew potentially that some risked, for various reasons, not being in the nails on September 15.

That there could also be, on the part of some, a desire to protest, and to symbolically accept a few days of suspension before regularizing their situation… It is changing day by day, ”attests the director of Sdis du Loiret.

Two days before the deadline, 19 professional firefighters had not yet received a first dose.

They were down to eight on September 15.

The department has 420 professional firefighters for 1,860 volunteers.

The Sdis assures to have anticipated these suspensions but that it had not had the choice to apply "a regulatory measure decided by the government".


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