Eighteen years ago, a woman who was found not guilty in a retrial = redo trial over the death of a patient at a hospital in Higashiomi City, Shiga Prefecture, was asked by Shiga Prefecture for damages. Made the patient cardiopulmonary arrest. "

Mika Nishiyama (41) was sentenced to 12 years in prison for murder over the death of an elderly inpatient man in 2003, who was a nursing assistant at Koto Memorial Hospital in Higashiomi City. Last year, a redo trial confirmed his innocence.

Mr. Nishiyama has filed a civil trial seeking damages from Shiga Prefecture and others for being detained for a long time due to an unjust investigation by the Shiga Prefectural Police.

According to the defense team, the prefecture side insisted that "it was Mr. Nishiyama who put the patient in a state of cardiopulmonary arrest" at a private proceedings meeting held at the Otsu District Court on the 16th.

The final decision of the retrial that judged Mr. Nishiyama not guilty concluded that "it is possible that he died of illness and it is not enough to admit the incident", and the prefecture's allegation denied this.

Attorney General "A certain attitude that is not based on the acquittal"

Attorney Kenichi Ido, who is the chairman of the defense team, said at a press conference, "The retrial decision itself was wrong, and it was Mr. Nishiyama who killed him. However, it is defaming and insulting. "

Mr. Nishiyama "I feel a strong resentment"

Mr. Nishiyama said, "I was surprised. I feel very strong resentment. I wanted to become an ordinary woman as soon as possible, but the road is long."

On the other hand, Shiga Prefecture commented, "Since it is a disputed matter, we will refrain from answering it. We will respond appropriately in future trials."