After allegations of rape, abuse and psychological violence, Marilyn Manson does not have to appear in court in at least one case.

California judges on Tuesday dismissed the suit of a former friend of the musician.

In her lawsuit in May, the stranger accused Manson of repeatedly forcing her to have sex after a brief romance in 2011.

She justified the rather late attempt to bring the singer (“Don't Chase The Dead”) to justice with suppressed memories of the abuse.

Only the allegations of other alleged victims like the actresses Evan Rachel Wood ("Westworld") and Esmé Bianco ("Game of Thrones") at the beginning of the year brought back memories of Manson's attacks.

The court justified the rejection of the lawsuit against the 52-year-old Brian Warner, as Manson's real name is, now with the imprecise information given by the former girlfriend at the beginning of the repression described.

For the time being, the court assumes that the allegations are statute-barred.

Manson's alleged victims now have 20 days to detail the timing of the given displacement.