"Xiaomiao" live broadcast platform entraps minors and is destroyed

  Strikes out in multiple places to investigate and handle multiple criminal cases of "protecting seedlings"

  □ Our reporter Yan Jianrong

  The live broadcast platform named "Xiaomiao" is actually a criminal platform that is intertwined with pornography and gambling.

The "Xiaomiao" live broadcast platform has its servers located outside the country, and domestic groups organize female anchors to perform obscene and pornographic performances to lure members to participate in gambling.

Among the female anchors who participated in the "pure broadcast", minors accounted for 21%, and nearly 30% of the members who watched rewards and participated in gambling were minors.

These are the details that a reporter from the "Rules of Law Daily" learned from a case of spreading obscene materials for profit reported by the National Anti-Pornography Office today.

  Including this case, the National Anti-Pornography and Anti-illegal Affairs Office announced today a total of 9 typical cases, all of which are the second batch of typical cases notified by the "Miao Miao 2021" special operation, including 5 online cases, 1 related incident, 3 cases of illegal publications.

  According to the National Anti-Pornography Office, in March this year, the Public Security Bureau of Shangshui County, Zhoukou City, Henan Province opened an investigation for clues related to the case of "Xiao Miao" live broadcast platform spreading obscene materials for profit.

The Public Security Bureau of Shangshui County verified that the persons involved in the "Xiaomiao" live broadcast platform included senior agents, agents, anchor agents, anchors, anchor organizers, money laundering and fund settlement platforms, etc.

  After the criminal facts of the "Xiaomiao" live broadcast platform were investigated, the local public security organs destroyed 3 anchor dens and two money laundering gangs that were packaged as a cultural media company, rescued 6 minors, seized 7 vehicles involved in the case and a large number of them. The goods involved in the case recovered 2.973 million yuan of stolen money.

106 criminal suspects were arrested, of which 83 were under criminal detention, 9 were released on guarantee and awaiting trial (including 1 minor), and 7 minors who were forced to participate in the case were not involved in the crime.

Currently, the case is under further investigation.

  Similar to the Henan Shangshui case involving the spreading of obscene materials for profit, there are also the case of Peng Moumou selling and spreading obscene materials for profit, which was uncovered in Linhai, Zhejiang, and the "1·27" case of selling and spreading obscene materials for profit in Lai'an, Anhui.

  In the “1·27” case of selling and disseminating obscene materials in Lai’an, Anhui, the public security organs of Lai’an County found out that since 2020, the suspect, Su Mou, has regularly published screenshots of obscene videos through his self-built website, and posted the URL and login password. To multiple QQ groups, after group members took a fancy to the screenshot, Su sells each video at a price of 1 yuan to 20 yuan.

In this case, 1 website involved in the case and more than 20 QQ groups were destroyed, more than 43,000 obscene videos, more than 372,000 obscene pictures, and more than 12,000 obscene articles were seized.

At present, four criminal suspects, Ma Moufei, Wang Mouhan, Hu Mou, and Su Mou have been arrested, and the case is still under investigation.

  The cases reported by the National Anti-Pornography Office today include the case of Baiku Internet Company investigating and prosecuting Internet animation products containing pornographic content, the case of a company investigating in Beijing providing online game services to minors in violation of regulations, and the case of Chenzhou, Hunan. The incident of "Bumping Porcelain" on the website of the investigation sub-site by an illegal overseas website, the "2.21" production and sale of piracy teaching aid case investigated by Qixian County, Henan Province, the case of Deng s selling infringing copies investigated by Lingshan, Guangxi, and Liu XX investigated and dealt with in Xiangyang, Hubei Suspected copyright infringement cases, etc.

  The National Anti-Pornography and Anti-illegal Affairs Office pointed out that since the “Miao Miao 2021” special campaign was launched, local “anti-pornography and anti-illegal” departments have taken the opportunity to implement the newly revised minors protection law to seriously organize the cultural market around campuses and networks involving minors. Special rectification of the cultural environment, vigorously investigate and confiscate children's publications containing obscenity, violence, terror, superstition and other content, as well as illegal publications, infringements and piracy, and continue to clean up online audio and video, games, animation, and novels that hinder the physical and mental health of minors Content, quickly and securely investigate and deal with various cases and incidents.

  According to statistics, from January to August this year, more than 1.09 million illegal and harmful children's publications and more than 1.72 million pirated textbooks were seized nationwide; more than 30 million pieces of harmful and undesirable information such as pornography, vulgar and vulgar information were deleted and handled.

  According to reports, the local "anti-pornography and anti-illegal" departments attach great importance to the collection, research and judgment, verification, and disposal of clues for "protecting seedlings" cases.

Among them, Beijing, Tianjin, Fujian, Shanghai, Hebei, Ningxia and other places such as cybersecurity and informatization and cultural law enforcement agencies investigated and handled a large number of administrative cases; Zhejiang, Anhui, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Henan, Liaoning, Hunan, Hubei, Shaanxi and other places successfully investigated and handled Many criminal cases of "protecting seedlings" have effectively cracked down on illegal and criminal acts that infringed on the rights and interests of minors, and effectively purified the social and cultural environment.

  Beijing, September 16th