• The L214 association broke into an intensive poultry farm in Morbihan to denounce the living conditions of animals.

  • We see plucked animals that evolve in permanent darkness.

  • While a new building will be delivered at the end of the year, L214 requests that the new request to extend the operation be refused by the prefecture.

Plucked and crowded chickens in the dark. The images filmed by L214 in August in a farm of chickens and roosters in Morbihan are less trash than usual. For a fairly simple reason. More than the breeding conditions of this farm located not far from Ploërmel, it is above all the intensive system that the association wishes to denounce. On this farm, 7,000 breeding hens and roosters live together and 30,000 eggs are sent every week to a hatchery of the BD France group, founded by the Belgian agro-industrialists Belgabroed and Danish DanHatch.

Figures that will soon grow with the opening of a second building capable of receiving 13,000 animals by the end of the year. That's not all. Another extension request was made by the breeder at the head of this farm, who would like to build a third building by 2022, according to the activist association. "Without personal contribution, the breeder must borrow 1.8 million euros, thus taking all the risks, while she is totally dependent on the BD France group", denounces L214, who filed a complaint with the prosecutor of Vannes for “Professional mistreatment of animals”.

While in Rennes, the exhibition of breeding (Space) is in full swing behind the theme of "animal welfare", the association wants to stand up against the intensive breeding of broilers, of which this breeding would be. “The first link in the chain”.

The association launched a petition and asked the Morbihan prefecture to refuse the extension of this exploitation.

"The urgency is to get out of intensive breeding and not to develop it and make it last", denounces L214.


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