Four years ago, a former police officer charged with murdering his wife and two children in Ogori City, Fukuoka Prefecture, was acquitted by the Fukuoka High Court in the second trial and sentenced to death following the first trial. I did.

Defendant Mitsuru Nakata (43), who was the police officer of the Communications Command Division of the Fukuoka Prefectural Police Headquarters, was a 38-year-old wife, the eldest son of a fourth grader (9), and the eldest daughter of a first grader (9) at his home in Ogori City four years ago. He was accused of murder for strangling and killing three people in 6).

Defendant Nakata pleaded not guilty at the trial, but in December, the first instance sentenced him to death as the prosecution requested.

In a two-trial decision filed by the defendant, Yasuo Tsujikawa, the judge of the Fukuoka High Court, pointed out that the doctor's testimony that "three people died before the defendant left the house" was credible. The defendant may have been committed by a third party who invaded after leaving the house, "he dismissed the defense's acquittal.

After that, he said, "It is unlikely that a third party will kill three people without being noticed by the defendant at home and not only the defendant. The criminal liability is very serious and the choice of the death penalty is unavoidable." Then he was sentenced to death.