While foreign substances were found one after another in Pfizer's vaccine for the new coronavirus in Kanagawa Prefecture, white suspended matter was found in Kawagoe City and Fujimino City in Saitama Prefecture as well.

The mixed amount was not inoculated, and the two cities asked Pfizer to analyze it.

According to Kawagoe City, a pharmacist was preparing for vaccination at a medical institution in the city on the 12th of this month, and found multiple white objects floating in the container containing the vaccine.

The size is large, about 1 mm, and the lot number was "FF5357" where foreign matter was confirmed in Kanagawa Prefecture and Osaka.

For this reason, the medical institution has stopped vaccination with the same lot number.

Also, on the 14th, a medical institution in Fujimino City found that one container contained white suspended matter with a size of 0.1 mm or less.

It is said that this container is not used for inoculation, but the city has not disclosed the lot number, saying that it is not "FF5357".

Kawagoe City and Fujimino City have asked Pfizer to collect and analyze the containers in which foreign substances were found.