Consecration for Omar Sy.

The actor, discovered a little less than 20 years ago in the

after-sales service of programs

on Canal +, is one of the 100 most influential personalities of



The ranking, carried out each year by the prestigious American magazine, gave the floor to Bradley Cooper to draw up the portrait of the Frenchman.

The American actor - perfectly bilingual and in love with France - evokes the generous personality of Omar Sy, who is "a ray of sunshine" with "irresistible laughter" and "contagious".

Bradley Cooper also tells of their complicity, born on the set of

A Vif!

, when they “cooked together” and “had the rare opportunity to work with some of the best chefs in London”.


“Omar has all the ingredients and all the skills to do whatever he wants - produce, direct, etc.

- and to do so by being open and generous.

If I had to remember just one thing, it would be his cuteness that permeates every room and you when you're with him.

A strong, confident and easy kindness.

And that's what we need now, ”adds the American actor.

And according to Bradley Cooper, the kindness of Omar Sy is matched only by his talent.

"He fits completely into every character he plays, and he also demonstrated it this year with


, the Netflix series in which he plays a master of disguise," he explains.

These qualities are also visibly recognized by the public, since the first season of the



was seen by 70 million Netflix accounts in the first 28 days of its launch.

The reinterpretation of the adventures of the gentleman burglar even has the luxury of being in the Top 10 of the most watched Netflix series in the United States, a country that is not particularly fond of subtitling and dubbing.


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