China News Service, Beijing, September 15th, title: Hong Kong and Macau publishers participate in the Expo and look forward to in-depth cooperation with the Mainland

  Author Zhu Heyingni

  "In addition to allowing Macao books to'go out', but also to'bring in' excellent books from the Mainland. This is the most important purpose of our trip." At the 28th Beijing International Book Fair (hereinafter referred to as " At the Expo”), Changjiang Chun, deputy director of the Macao Culture, Education and Publishing Association, told a reporter from China News Agency.

  As the first online and offline large-scale international book fair in Beijing under the new crown epidemic, the China International Book Fair was held from the 14th to the 18th, attracting many Hong Kong and Macao publishers to participate.

  Entering the exhibition area of ​​the International Library of the China International Library and Information Expo in Shunyi, Beijing, the booth of the Hong Kong United Publishing Group is greeted.

Six publishing institutions, including the Zhonghua Book Company (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, brought 330 kinds of humanities, social sciences, art and other books to meet with readers.

  "This book introduces 25 traditional old shops in Hong Kong. In addition to the delicate text, it also has many pictures interspersed." The staff of Zhonghua Book Company (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. showed reporters the exhibited book "Hong Kong Heritage-Records of Hong Kong Old Stores". .

The cover of the book is designed into three layers, one of which is engraved with a hollow pattern and attached with a booklet made of old-fashioned floor tiles, "very nostalgic."

The staff member said that such books that show Hong Kong’s local culture are very popular among mainland readers and can be purchased on mainland e-commerce platforms. Although they are in traditional Chinese versions, they have “remarkable sales”.

  These Hong Kong-based publishers have published books targeting Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and overseas Chinese readers as their main target groups. In recent years, they have become closer and closer to the mainland.

Li Bin, the publishing manager of the Humanities Department of Sanlian Bookstore (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., introduced to reporters that the company introduced the copyright of high-quality books from the mainland and introduced distinctive Hong Kong books to the mainland.

  Li Bin said that the China China International Airport is an important window for displaying the latest publications, as well as an important platform for absorbing information from mainland publications and making friends with colleagues.

"This year we also brought some young designers and editorial colleagues here, hoping to let them experience multiple perspectives and different content."

  Hong Kong Zhonghe Publishing Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Editorial Department Manager Yang Kehui introduced to reporters that the company often purchases the copyrights of outstanding mainland books and looks forward to continuing to expand the breadth and depth of cooperation with mainland publishing houses in the future.

  Adjacent to the booth of the Hong Kong United Publishing Group is the Macau booth. As a representative of the local industry, the Publishing House Cultural Office and Guangxi Education Publishing House held a book signing ceremony for "Chinese Readers" (Macau Edition) on the 14th.

Jiang Chun said that Macau’s publishing industry is inseparable from the help of the Mainland in the process of “going out” and “bringing in”. Injecting momentum into long-term development has also brought new opportunities to the publishing industry in Macau, which is currently in its growth phase.

  She further explained to reporters that the introduction of excellent mainland books such as "Chinese Reader" into Macau, on the one hand, is to directly introduce its simplified version, which does not have any reading barriers for Macau readers; on the other hand, she also looks forward to converting mainland books into traditional characters. Later, it was expanded to the overseas Chinese world and played the role of Macau as a bridge in book copyright trade, publishing and distribution.

  Jiang Chun has worked in the publishing industry in Guangxi for more than 20 years, and participated in the China International Graphic Exhibition as early as 1991. This participation made her feel "unfamiliar and kind."

She said that the pavilion is new, but the audience and industry colleagues are as enthusiastic as before. She very much hopes to communicate with more colleagues through this window, and hope that more people can learn about Macau.

  At this year's ICBC, the Macau publishing industry will hold a book signing ceremony with four mainland publishing organizations.

Jiang Chun said that in the future, the cooperation between Macao and the mainland publishing industry will be more in-depth, "from the stage of topic selection, we will plan together."

  According to Huang Hongjie, the curator of "Chinese Reader" (Macau Edition) and the person in charge of the Beijing branch of Guangxi Education Publishing House, the close exchanges between the mainland and Hong Kong and Macao publishing industries are not just simple book sales and copyright cooperation. Call it cultural and ideological exchange and intercommunication." (End)