China News Service, Beihai, September 15 (Reporter Wang Weichen) "Because I have been exposed to rain, I always want to hold an umbrella for others when I grow up." Lai Jiayi, a teacher at Hongjin Primary School in Hongjin Village, Shiwan Town, Hepu County, Guangxi Beihai, recently accepted In an interview with a reporter from, he said that as a child he was a left-behind child and a single-parent family. With the company of his grandparents, his childhood life was happy, but there were regrets. Lai Jiayi said: "When I grow up, I want to make up for my regrets through hard work. "

The picture shows Lai Jiayi instructing students.

Photo by Wang Weichen

  "The rules of disciples, the instructions of the saints. The first filial piety, the second is sincere..." When the reporter came to Hongjin Primary School on the 14th, Lai Jiayi led the classmates to read in the morning.

The reporter learned that at present Hongjin Primary School has only one class for each grade. There are more than ten teachers and more than one hundred students in the school. The "package system" is implemented in which two teachers provide one class. Of students, they are also the two youngest teachers in the school.

According to Lai Jiayi, the school environment has undergone many changes in recent years. At present, most students can use multimedia classrooms, and the multimedia equipment in the remaining classrooms is in place and is waiting to be installed.

The picture shows Lai Jiayi is in class.

Photo by Wang Weichen

  The school’s bells still need to be played manually. After class, the students rushed to the podium to surround Lai Jiayi. Lai Jiayi also took this time to understand the recent situation and status of the students. A teacher who was still teaching rigorously just turned into an instant. Warm-hearted brother next door.

Lai Jiayi said: "When I first came to the podium, there were a lot of worries, but when I walked to the podium, I found that the students said that the teacher is good, and all the anxiety and anxiety are healed. I feel very good and I am very happy to be a teacher. "

  In October 2020, Lai Jiayi published a set of grandparents' wedding photos on the Internet, which was hotly discussed by netizens. With the increase in attention, controversy also followed.

Lai Jiayi told reporters that in the face of controversy, it is sometimes difficult for him to calm down. "I care too much about bad voices, but ignore many good voices. This is what I need to adjust to myself."

The picture shows Lai Jiayi is explaining pinyin for students.

Photo by Wang Weichen

  During the break, Lai Jiayi would still bring a camera to record the stories that happened in every corner of the village.

Lai Jiayi said that in the past there were no roads and no street lights in my hometown. Now my hometown has become better and better, and the school has become very good. "I want more people to see the changes in my hometown, so that the parents of our students, You don’t need to go out to work, you can spend more time with your children at home.” (End)