The "Japanese Traditional Crafts Exhibition", a collection of excellent works of Japanese traditional crafts such as dyed textiles and dolls, has started in Tokyo.

This exhibition is the largest open call exhibition in Japan held every year by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and NHK to pass on excellent Japanese traditional crafts to posterity. There are 1240 entries from all over Japan, and about 560 selected items are on display.

Of these, Sachiko Kobayashi of Aichi Prefecture, who won the President's Award of the Japan Kogei Association, is a dyed fabric that is inspired by the scenery of the Sea of ​​Japan. It expresses the shade of.

In addition, Kazushi Takada of Ishikawa Prefecture, who won the Takamatsunomiya Memorial Award, puts on a wooden core paulownia plastic Japanese paper "Soten", which is a doll that expresses the appearance of "Takumi Taka" immediately after releasing a hawk into the sky. Small items such as momohiki and gloves are also designed using Japanese paper just like the real thing.

The Japanese Traditional Crafts Exhibition will be held at the Mitsukoshi Main Store in Nihonbashi, Tokyo until the 27th of this month, after which it will be held in nine cities nationwide, including Nagoya and Osaka.