The documentary "Jagged" about the life and career of Canadian singer Alanis Morissette (47) celebrated its world premiere at the 46th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Morissette herself had distanced herself from director Alison Klayman with a written declaration shortly before the screening of the film.

"This is not the story I agreed to tell," she wrote in the statement.

The documentary, which was shown late Tuesday evening (local time) at the festival, tells the creation of Morissette's album "Jagged Little Pill".

The film also looks at the beginnings of her career as a teenager, the high demands and the associated eating disorders.

In interviews, the singer also talks about her experiences with sexual assault as a minor.

“I always told myself: I was okay with it.

And then I was reminded: Hey, you were 15. At 15, you disagree.

Now I think, oh yeah, they're all pedophiles.

That was rape. "

"I was ashamed that I was made a victim"

Morissette goes on to say in the film that she fell on deaf ears with the few people she told about it at the time. Most of them got up and left the room after she confided in them. Later, in order to protect her parents, her brothers, future partners and herself, she no longer disclosed specific information about her experiences as a teenager. "I was ashamed of being made a victim, and it took me years of therapy to even admit that I was a victim," says Morissette in Jagged.

Director Klayman introduced the Toronto HBO production as a film that "celebrates the life of Alanis Morissette and the story of her incredible career, which began at a very young age and paved the way for so many other female artists." .

Morissette, meanwhile, wrote in her statement that she had chosen not to attend any event for “Jagged”, also “because this film, like many other“ stories ”and unauthorized biographies that have appeared over the years, has allusions and Contains facts that are simply not true ”.

"Wrong feeling of security"

Her story is "far too nuanced" for another person to relate it, according to Morissette.

The film team brought in facts "that are not true".

In addition, she was given a “false sense of security” in interviews.

"I agreed to participate in a post celebrating the 25th anniversary of [the album] Jagged Little Pill and was interviewed at a very vulnerable time (while I was in the midst of my third postpartum depression)," writes Morissette.

When she saw the first cut of the film, it became clear to her that “our visions actually differ painfully from one another”.

This year, over 130 international productions will be shown at TIFF for ten days.

The winning film, traditionally chosen by the public in Toronto, will be announced on September 18.