- We are so happy, everyone in the group, and grateful, and moved by this enormous reception we get.

It feels really nice and warm in the body, says Agnetha Fältskog in an interview in the upcoming program of "Svensktoppen", reports Swedish Radio.

Agnetha Fältskog also states that none of them should have been hesitant about the project.

- Not in this.

I was a bit thoughtful about the avatar project, because it would be quite a lot of work then on stage, and I'm not at all a stage personality in that way.

But on the other hand, I can probably convey quite a lot of emotions in the songs, she says.

When asked how involved she has been in songwriting and how much she has influenced in the studio, she says that "the guys handle most things and it is done by them".

- I can come up with a lot of ideas like that;

"Shall we not add a little finesse to the song", and I'm pretty good at vocals too, she says.

The interview is broadcast in its entirety in "Svensktoppen" on Sunday in P4.