(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Fujian has reported a total of 152 local confirmed cases

  China News Service, Fuzhou, September 15 (Reporter Long Min Lin Chunyin) The Fujian Provincial Health Commission notified on the 15th that since September 10, Fujian Province has reported a total of 152 local confirmed cases, and currently 152 hospitalizations (45 in Xiamen) , 16 cases in Quanzhou City, 91 cases in Putian City), no deaths; 13 cases of local asymptomatic infections are still under centralized isolation medical observation (1 case in Xiamen City, 12 cases in Putian City).

  From 04:00 on September 14th, Fujian Province reported 50 new local confirmed cases (12 in Xiamen, 5 in Quanzhou, and 33 in Putian), of which 9 cases of asymptomatic infection were transferred to the diagnosis; report One new local asymptomatic infection was added (reported by Xiamen City).

  At present, 29,157 close contacts in Fujian have been released from medical observation, and 4,540 people are still under medical observation.

  Regarding the imported epidemic situation, Fujian Province reported 1 newly imported confirmed case (asymptomatic infected persons transferred to be diagnosed) from 04:00 on September 14th, which was imported from Japan (Fuzhou City report); the newly imported imported asymptomatic 1 case of infection was imported from Brazil (reported by Fuzhou City); 1 case was lifted from isolation.

As of 24:00 on September 14th, Fujian Province has reported a total of 505 confirmed imported cases from abroad, and 31 cases have been hospitalized, with no deaths; there are currently 0 suspected cases imported from abroad; currently reported cases of asymptomatic infections imported from abroad are still receiving Centralized isolation and medical observation of 26 cases.