China News Service, September 15th. According to the WeChat official account of Fengcheng People’s Court, on September 15, 2021, Fengcheng People’s Court of Jiangxi Province conducted the first instance of the theft case against the defendant Chen (original police from Fengxin County Public Security Bureau) in accordance with the law. The sentence was publicly pronounced, and the defendant Chen Mou was guilty of theft, sentenced to three years and three months in prison and a fine of RMB 15,000.

  The court found out after trial: On August 28, 2019, the Fengxin County Public Security Bureau detained Luo Xi, a member of the “8.26” project suspected of being a gang member in accordance with the law, and detained a Huawei mobile phone, an Apple mobile phone, etc. that he carried with him. Physical evidence.

Afterwards, the defendant Chen used and possessed the two mobile phones involved in the case as a member of the task force for data recovery and research and judgment of the case.

From October 2019 to March 2020, Chen Mou tried out the mobile payment password, reset the payment password, etc., in Fengxin County and other places, entered the WeChat payment password or scanned the QR code for consumption or cash out, and the Apple The money in the bank card bound to the mobile phone is transferred to the WeChat change account of the mobile phone.

In June 2020, the defendant Chen returned the two mobile phones involved in the case to the task force, of which 54,409.64 yuan remained in the Apple mobile phone involved.

The defendant Chen stole a total of 90262.94 yuan, of which 35853.30 yuan has been spent.

  On May 31, 2020, relatives of the victim Luo Xi discovered that Luo Xi's bank card funds were abnormal, so he could rush to Fengxin County Public Security Bureau to report the case that night.

The public security bureau conducted an investigation after the case.

Chen took the initiative to truthfully explain the situation to the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Fengxin County Public Security Bureau on July 18, 2020.

The next day, Chen took the initiative to surrender to the Fengxin County Commission for Discipline Inspection and truthfully confess the crime.

On July 24, 2020, 40,000 yuan was returned.

  The court held that the defendant Chen's behavior constituted the crime of theft.

Chen stole a total of 90262.94 yuan from the victim Luo Xi. The amount of crime was huge and should be punished according to law.

As a public security officer and a member of the "8.26" task force, Chen stolen the property of the suspect in custody, the victim of this case, Luo Xi, which had a bad social impact and could be severely punished as appropriate.

The defendant Chen had surrendered and was given a lighter punishment in accordance with the law.

Chen took the initiative to return all the stolen money and pleaded guilty in court, and can be given a lighter punishment as appropriate.

Accordingly, the court made the above-mentioned judgment in accordance with the law.

  More than 20 people, including the defendant and relatives of the victim, representatives of the defendant's unit, representatives of all walks of life, representatives of the National People's Congress, and members of the CPPCC attended the verdict.