Four years ago, in a trial in which a Peruvian man who was held at the Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau was accused of being injured after being left handcuffed in the back for more than 14 hours, the government side was a surveillance camera at that time. I submitted the video of.

A male lawyer criticized it as "apparently an overkill", as five staff members were seen holding down a man.

Peruvian Burgos Fujii, 48, was taken to a single room by several staff members four years ago when he was detained at the Osaka Regional Immigration Bureau for illegal stay and appealed for dietary improvement. He claimed that he had been left handcuffed in his back for more than 14 hours and injured his left arm, and is seeking compensation of more than 2 million yen from the country.

In this trial, the government submitted a video of a surveillance camera in the room on the 15th, and the plaintiff released the video to the media.

It shows a man lying in a lighted room until midnight, handcuffed behind him, and five staff members coming in and holding down a sleeping man. increase.

Attorney Mayo Kawasaki said, "It was revealed in the video that I kept handcuffing for a long time even though I was not violent and there was no need. Isn't it? "

On the other hand, the government dismissed the complaint, claiming that "I continued to use handcuffs to the minimum extent necessary to calm the person. The injury may have occurred by hitting the wall etc. by myself." I'm looking for.