"The World's First Water Tower" cost 200 million yuan and now it will be transformed into a hotel

"Shuisi Tower", Jingxin Valley Scenic Spot, Dushan County, Guizhou Province

  On September 13, after Jingzhou spent a huge sum of money to dismantle the statue of Guan Yu made of 172 million yuan, it was reported that the “Shuisi Tower” in the Jingxin Valley Scenic Spot, Dushan County, Guizhou Province, which had attracted the attention of the national public, was already in the “turbulent public opinion”. Demolition started.” The relevant pictures show that this magnificent water tower, which cost more than 200 million yuan to build, has a tower crane built outside the building to be demolished, and the wooden structures on some floors have been demolished.

  According to Tianmu News (new media in Zhejiang Daily), the reporter learned from the Jingxin Valley scenic spot implementation team and the current vice chairman of Xiangxi Suntree Zhang Helin that the news on the Internet that the original water building has been demolished is not true. The wooden parts with potential safety hazards will be demolished, and the subsequent water tower will be converted into a hotel for external business.

  Being demolished?

  Dushan County, Guizhou: Renovation of wooden structures

  Since May this year, there have been rumors in Dushan County that the Shuishi Tower has been demolished.

The reporter learned from many businesses in the Jingxin Valley Scenic Area that the Water Tower is currently under construction, not demolished.

They also said that although the Jingxin Valley Scenic Area is open for free all day, it has been affected by multiple factors in recent years, and the flow of people has been small, making it more difficult for businesses to operate.

Zhang Helin also said that the scenic area has been in operation for more than three years and "no money is returned."

  According to upstream news (Chongqing Daily New Media), Dushan County responded to the pictures and information on the demolition of the water tower that were transmitted online, stating that the related work was due to damage to the wooden structure of the water tower, causing serious safety hazards. Since May of this year, Huifu Company, which is responsible for the follow-up development of the Water Tower, has started the wooden structure renovation and closed the Jingxingu Plaza for construction. There is no situation such as the removal of the Water Tower.

  According to Tianmu News, Zhang Helin told reporters that Shuishi Tower is located in the Jingxin Valley Scenic Area and is part of this scenic area. It has been upgraded to a local five-star hotel and renamed as "Jingxin Valley Hotel"; the fire failed to pass. For other issues, the company decided to remove the external wooden structure and replace it with a steel structure, "but it does not affect the main structure."

  According to the data, the construction of the Shuishi Tower, which was renamed "Jingxingu Hotel", started on October 20, 2016. The original project investor was Jingxingu Tourism Investment Development Co., Ltd., and later due to the breakdown of corporate funds, there were owed wages to migrant workers. And hidden dangers of engineering funds.

In order to promote the construction of the project, it was later transferred to the Dushan County state-owned enterprise Guizhou Huifu Investment and Development Co., Ltd. for construction. The total planned investment of the project is 300 million yuan, and the completed investment is about 264 million yuan. The funds are financed by Huifu Company.

  Department of Housing:

  Strengthen the management and control of large-scale urban sculptures

  The giant statue of Guan Gong with a height of 57.3 meters, the water tower with a height of 99.9 meters... In recent years, some cities have indiscriminately built giant statues and other "cultural landmarks", destroying the ecological environment and historical and cultural features, resulting in a waste of public resources.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Large-scale Urban Sculpture Construction" last year, requesting to strengthen the management and control of large-scale urban sculptures. Large-scale sculptures with a height of more than 10 meters or a width of more than 30 meters should be managed as important urban construction projects and strictly controlled When constructing large-scale sculptures with a height of more than 30 meters or a width of more than 45 meters, it is strictly forbidden to blindly construct large-scale sculptures that are divorced from reality and the masses in the name of inheriting culture, developing tourism, and enhancing image.

  "The needs of the people are transforming from the material level to the spiritual level in the past. The development of urban sculpture reflects the rising trend of the people's needs for art, emotion, and experience." Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of China Urban Planning Society Shi Nan said.

  Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency, Daily Economic News

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  "The World's No. 1 Water Tower" to rebuild a hotel is not considered a remedy?

  Recently, it has been reported that the "Shuisi Tower" in the Jingxin Valley Scenic Area in Dushan County, Guizhou Province, which has attracted the attention of the national public, has been "began to be demolished amidst turbulent public opinion."

However, according to Dushan County, only the wooden parts with potential safety hazards are currently being demolished, and the subsequent water tower will be converted into a hotel for external business.

Instead of demolishing it all, it chose to rebuild it, which has won the support of many netizens.

After all, it has already cost more than 200 million yuan. If it is completely overthrown and started again, it will inevitably cause a great waste of resources.

Converting into a hotel to make it as effective as possible is also a reasonable use.

  The situation of Shuishi Tower can easily remind us of the giant Guan Gong statue in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province, which was demolished not long ago.

Both cost a lot of money and are image projects. The common destiny of the two is embarrassing.

However, the "hard landing" of the Guan Gong statue has caused even greater controversy.

172 million yuan was built, 155 million yuan was moved away, first illegally built, then moved again, and 300 million yuan was wasted like this.

Many netizens have raised the same question: Since everything is made, isn't there a better solution?

Who should be responsible for the huge waste of resources between construction and demolition?

  Of course, the conversion of the Water Tower into a hotel for external business does not mean that everything is going well.

Dushan County in Guizhou Province is not a popular tourist destination nationwide, so can the converted hotel have enough passenger flow?

Before the reconstruction, scientific and comprehensive planning is needed, and it cannot be changed. Otherwise, the meaning of "remedial measures" is still limited.

Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Special Commentator Hu Sheng