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[editor Jina Yoon] Beauty creator Lisa Bae, who has been showing 100% synchro rate cover makeup, has completely transformed into a topical dancer Noje this time.

Lee Sa-bae posted a photo on her Instagram yesterday (14th) tagging Noje, a dancer who gained great popularity through Mnet's survival program 'Street Woman Fighter'.

In the photo Lee Sa-bae released, there was a picture of Li-bae who looked so similar that it could be mistaken for Noje.

From the hairstyle to Noje's unique eyes, eyebrows, bridge of the nose, and jawline, Lee Sa-bae surprised everyone.

Seeing this, Noh also left a short exclamation comment, "Huh!", and Lee Sa-bae expressed her joy by leaving a reply, "No-je-nim, I love you."

Afterwards, Isabae posted a video of her dancing Noje, leaving a witty message saying, "Only in my heart, Noje.

Netizens commented, "As expected, a thousand faces! I thought it was just Noje's photo", "There seems to be a zipper on the back of Lee Sa-bae", "I think he changed his face", "Isn't he a Hogwarts graduate?"

I was amazed at the amazing synchronization rate by leaving various comments such as.

Dancer Noje, who recently appeared on Mnet's survival program 'Street Woman Fighter', received a lot of attention for her perfect visual and flawless skills.

In yesterday's broadcast, Noje's dance crew, Weibee, was unfortunately selected as the first eliminated crew, but viewers responded, "I am looking forward to the future," about Noje, who showed a strong presence throughout the broadcast.

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