【Explanation】September 25 is the 140th anniversary of Lu Xun’s birth. To commemorate this great writer, thinker, and revolutionist, on September 12, there will be a "Night of Mountains and Waters-Commemorating the 140th Anniversary of Lu Xun’s Birth" The poetry meeting was held in the Cultural and Creative Park of the Fengtian Factory in Shenyang.

The poetry will review and reproduce Lu Xun’s great artistic achievements by reading Lu Xun’s works aloud.

Lu Xun's eldest Sun Zhou Lingfei came to Shenyang to participate in the event as a special guest.

  [Concurrent] Lu Xun's eldest grandson, Zhou Lingfei, president of Lu Xun Cultural Foundation

  I was a soldier in Shenyang 52 years ago. During our two years in Shenyang, I was able to return to Shenyang today to participate in this poetry recitation meeting. I felt very special and cordial. Lu Xun still has his footsteps in Shenyang. It is our Lu Xun art. The college is very meaningful to be held in such a place.

  [Explanation] As the president of the Lu Xun Cultural Foundation, Zhou Lingfei began to assist his father in protecting Lu Xun’s legacy in 1999 under the call of his father Zhou Haiying.

As a descendant of a celebrity, Zhou Lingfei said frankly that such a special identity has brought some inconveniences to his life, but since he started working on the protection of Lu Xun's heritage and cultural dissemination, his own thinking has also undergone substantial changes.

  [Concurrent] Lu Xun's eldest grandson, Zhou Lingfei, president of Lu Xun Cultural Foundation

  (19) I started to contact Lu Xun in 1999. It has been more than 20 years since this year. Since 2001, I established the Shanghai Lu Xun Cultural Development Center. As a non-profit organization, I started as a volunteer to guard Lu Xun and maintain Lu Xun. For 20 years, I haven't changed jobs. I walked over step by step, and suddenly I found that I was more and more inseparable from Lu Xun.

  [Explanation] Zhou Lingfei said that in the more than 20 years of protecting Lu Xun’s heritage and cultural dissemination, he has come into contact with many experts and scholars in Lu Xun’s research, non-profit organizations and young people who are committed to spreading Lu Xun’s spirit. Zhou Lingfei said that this is a learning process. At the same time, the image of his grandfather Lu Xun was presented more and more clearly in front of him.

  [Concurrent] Lu Xun's eldest grandson, Zhou Lingfei, president of Lu Xun Cultural Foundation

  I have learned a lot from them. I am not a person who studies Lu Xun, but this kind of learning has slowly allowed my grandfather into my life and into my studies. DNA, so I feel that he lives in front of me.

  [Explanation] At the poetry conference, experts and scholars from different fields shared with the audience the literary value and practical significance of Lu Xun's works.

When talking about Mr. Lu Xun in his heart, Zhou Lingfei summed up the four comments on his grandfather.

  [Concurrent] Lu Xun's eldest grandson, Zhou Lingfei, president of Lu Xun Cultural Foundation

  In my heart, I also have my evaluation of my grandfather, and I also summarized some very important spirits of my grandfather. In a nutshell, that is my understanding. My first sentence is human-oriented, Lu Xun’s The core idea of ​​the spirit on paper is the second one is independent thinking. Independent thinking is Lu Xun’s vision and heart, and the third is "usedism." To do it, the last one is the persistence of "tenacity", he can persevere step by step and do what he wants to do.

  [Explanation] As the 140th anniversary of Lu Xun’s birth is approaching, Zhou Lingfei hopes to popularize Lu Xun’s spirit and make Lu Xun’s image more three-dimensional and fuller to be presented to the world through visual methods, so that Lu Xun’s spirit and Chinese excellent cultural traditions can live in the present. , Spread overseas and let the world understand Chinese stories and Chinese culture.

(Reported by Wang Yilin in Shenyang)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]