• Patrick is the first eliminated from

    Koh-Lanta, the legend


    He bowed to the first test on the island of the banished where there are candidates who can hope to return to the adventure.

  • The fifty-year-old reveals today that he left on the set just after learning that his stepfather was hospitalized and in a coma.

  • “On the set, I smiled, I had a little fun anyway.

    I played my game, I tried to find the immunity collar but, you know, when you have something on your mind that upsets you, you are not 100%, ”he explains to

    20 minutes


"There was a little good Lord behind me, who told me that I absolutely had to go home," says Patrick.

The fifty-year-old left

Koh-Lanta, the legend

during the third episode broadcast this Tuesday on TF1, but he left without rancor because his head was elsewhere.

He tells

20 Minutes

that he was, like the other candidates, in Paris three days before leaving for the shooting, "in relation to the Covid". Before taking off, everyone was able to make a phone call to a loved one. "I called my wife who told me that her father was rushed to the hospital and that he was in a coma," he reveals today.

At the time, Patrick did not tell anyone about it - he will wait until his last moments on the island to confide in Jade and Laurent.

“On the set, I smiled, I had a little fun anyway.

I played my game, I tried to find the immunity collar but, you know, when you have something in mind that upsets you, you are not 100% ”, explains the finalist of season 9 and in the cast of

The Heroes' Revenge


"If I had been more serene, I would have chatted more"

He had noticed that, this season, there were "too many friends, too many friends" supporting each other.

He therefore felt he was on an ejection seat: "If I had been more serene, I would have chatted more.

There, I said to myself that if it did not do it for me, too bad, that it was better that I go home.


He was eliminated after the second council.

In the process, he discovered that those leaving the start of the anniversary season can benefit from a second chance: if they follow the left path, they return to France, if they go to the right, they may be able to return to the game.

“I hesitated a lot,” he says.

I went right and thought to myself, “What am I doing? I'm not going to back down…” I went out of curiosity.

I wanted to know what was going to happen.


He thus joined on the island of the banished Ugo and Karima, eliminated at the first council, as well as Cindy, excluded by his acolytes the same evening as him.

In an attempt to return to the adventure, the quartet faced off in a balancing act.

Patrick, like Cindy, lost and had to definitely pack up.

“I was not in it.

Fighting in the arena wasn't my thing.

Especially since I was in doubt.

How long was it going to last?

Until reunification?

Stay a fortnight there?

Ooh la la… It wasn't for me.


"I am part of the legend"

He will then find out that his stepfather died before he landed in France.

The production learned after the fact of the personal ordeal that Patrick was going through in silence.

“She did what was necessary.

She sent me a bouquet of flowers and was very nice to me, I thank her again, ”he greets.

Despite everything, Patrick says he is "very happy and proud" of his participation.

“I am part of the legend, he recalls.

I am not disappointed, I am more for the people who follow me and support me.



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