Today (14th), calm early autumn weather will continue in inland areas including Seoul, but Jeju Island is in an emergency of rain and wind.

It has already rained a lot more than 400mm since yesterday, and even now, strong rain of around 20mm per hour is concentrated.

This is because it was in the sphere of indirect influence of Typhoon Chantu.

Currently, the typhoon remains in the sea east of Shanghai, but it is still strong.

Currently, they are staying at sea due to the high pressure, but they are expected to head towards the southern coast in the second half of this week.

A heavy rain warning has also been issued on Jeju Island, where a lot of rain is concentrated.

Up to the next day after tomorrow, heavy rain of up to 300mm is expected to continue on Jeju Island, and heavy rain of over 120mm is also expected on the Jeollanam-do coast.

After that, on Friday, when the typhoon is closest, there are rain forecasts for Seoul and other parts of the country.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)