"I'm an anti-fraud anchor, what kind of anchor is the other party?" "I'm a funny anchor, brother, I didn't commit anything. It's definitely a good citizen, brother." The anchor was taken aback when he saw the police officer on the opposite side, and hurry up after speaking. Gave a ceremony.

  "Actually, how many people have you lied to?" "No, you have not lied to anyone." The anchor took off his wig, admitted that the man was disguised as a woman, and squatted on the ground with his ears.

  One by one jokes began to circulate on the Internet, and the name Chen Guoping was accompanied by the phrase "Did you download the National Anti-Fraud Center APP?"

  This ordinary Qinhuangdao police is on fire.

  People rushed into his live broadcast room frantically, and the number of fans grew by tens of thousands.

In order to cope with Lao Chen's "Lianmai PK", some anchors printed out the pictures of the "National Anti-fraud Center APP" in advance, and took the initiative to "hand in homework".

  Behind the overnight boom, Chen Guoping persisted for nearly 5 years.

In the past five years, he and his colleagues distributed leaflets to remind the masses, through the use of big data to enter households for accurate publicity, and filmed more than 20 anti-fraud dramas and put them on short video platforms.

  Is this all right?

He felt it was not enough.

  At the end of 2019, he launched an online live broadcast.

At that time, there were only thirty or fifty people watching in his live broadcast room. Since then, he has used his rest time to broadcast live almost three times a week.

In the live broadcast room, some people asked him to talk about his experience of being deceived, and some people asked him to surrender.

When he has the energy to reply, he persuades them one by one.

  On September 3 this year, he conducted a 6-hour live broadcast on two platforms. He watched more than 80 million times in one night and gained nearly 2 million followers.

  For him, gaining followers is not important. What is important is that he should tell more people about his anti-fraud knowledge. His goal is only one: "All the people are anti-fraud, and there is no fraud in the world."

  "I am covered with iron, how many cases can I solve in a year?"

  Chen Guoping is an internet anchor, and his image is not outstanding. He is just over 1.7 meters tall, has a Chinese character face, a smile, and a few lines of forehead. His hair stands upright, and his hair is wet like hairspray—in fact, it’s hot. He is old. With cold legs, I didn't dare to turn on the air conditioner in summer. After a few hours of live broadcast, my body was soaked in a dark blue and light blue with sweat.

  This kind of Chen Guoping is extremely down-to-earth. He calls himself "Old Chen of the anti-fraud policeman". He connects with various anchors in the live broadcast room. He laughs when he is happy, covers his face when shocked, and blinks hard when he is blindfolded, with his own "laugh." fruit".

After teasing, I did not forget to assign homework to the other party: "You have to tell other anchors and viewers to download the National Anti-Fraud Center APP together."

  Today's ease of use is honed by Chen Guoping in live broadcasts for two years.

In fact, anti-fraud live broadcast is already the third propaganda method that Chen Guoping has tried in the past five years in anti-fraud work.

  Chen Guoping came into contact with anti-fraud in 2017.

Because of the high incidence of fraud cases, in March 2017, the Criminal Police Brigade of the Haigang Branch of the Qinhuangdao Public Security Bureau established an anti-fraud squadron to combat telecom fraud.

At the beginning of its establishment, there were only three police officers handling the case, Chen Guoping, Yang Guoming, and Shen Jiangang, and one auxiliary police officer.

  One of the characteristics of telecom fraud is "non-contact". Money is transferred to the scammer's account through a bank card, and then quickly transferred. The flow of the stolen money is like a path extending in all directions on a main road. Fighting for speed, directly to the end of the road, cut off the continued outflow of money, in order to maximize the loss of the victim.

  At that time, the technology was not as developed as it is now, and the police needed to go to the local bank to check and verify, and try to freeze the stolen money as quickly as possible.

According to Yang Guoming's statistics, there are at most thousands of bank cards in a telecom fraud case. The running records are printed out on A4 paper, and they are tens of meters long.

  Anti-fraud police are always on the road, traveling two cities a day, and eating one meal a day is normal.

In the words of Chen Guoping, "365 days a year, there are 200 days to run outside."

  It is better to spread anti-fraud knowledge to the masses and take precautions from the source when chasing a liar.

"Even if I am full of iron, how many cases can I solve in a year? Some cases are solved, and the people's money is squandered by criminals. In fact, no one wants to be deceived, everyone just doesn't understand. Then come to understand. Wouldn’t it be enough if someone taught him?"

  The anti-fraud police went to the campus to give lectures and distributed leaflets in the community, but the masses didn’t pay much attention to it. "I’m sure I won’t be cheated", "There are too many words, I don’t bother to read them." .

Yang Guoming received feedback from the police from the local police station. He just went to the university campus in the morning to talk about anti-fraud knowledge. In the afternoon, students reported the crime. The content of the deceived police was exactly the same as that of the police.

  Chen Guoping felt uncomfortable, "I'm thinking, there may be a problem with my working methods." The new inspiration for publicity comes from short videos.

  Once, Chen Guoping went back to his hometown and saw a mother with a low level of education holding her mobile phone to watch a short video. In the whole village, some people took pictures of themselves twisting Yangko, while others took pictures of themselves farming and feeding pigs.

"Everyone is using these, and we haven't followed up." Since then, he has started to shoot some anti-fraud shorts and post them on the short video platform.

  Filmed more than 20 anti-fraud dramas

  The first anti-fraud drama was based on the first campus loan case in the jurisdiction cracked by the Haigang Branch.

  A girl borrowed a 5,000 yuan campus loan, and within a month, the amount reached more than 200,000 yuan. The suspect also had an obscene photo taken by the suspect for blackmail.

The family helped her repay about 200,000 yuan, and there is still a little left, which is the tail of this loan, which is tumbling again.

The lender sent the girl's nude photos to her relatives and friends and used the phone to harass her.

The girl committed suicide twice and was rescued by her family. Finally, she went to the police together.

  Yang Guoming said that the suspect in this case was also a victim of a campus loan, because he could not repay the money and was forced to continue to deceive others on behalf of the lender. The gang deceived more than 20 college students in total.

Chen Guoping recalled that they went to various parts of the country to look for these victims. Many people were afraid of being known by the people around them and were unwilling to stand up, so they went to persuade them one by one.

  Later, this case was adapted into a micro-film "Lost Loan", which was co-operated by Chen Guoping and director Xu Ming.

Chen Guoping feels that this matter is meaningful.

Since then, he and Xu Ming and others have filmed more than 20 anti-fraud dramas. The themes include electronic currency "killing pig disk" fraud, fraud by impersonating public prosecutors, and naked chat fraud.

  The cost of an anti-fraud drama is about 4,000 yuan, almost both Chen Guoping and Xu Ming paid.

The actors are all charity performances, recruited from Qinhuangdao, as well as Chen Guoping's friends and himself.

  Chen Guoping always plays the role of the leader of the fraud gang.

"His expression is very vivid, he was crazy when he played the villain. We ridiculed him after filming: Lao Chen is the police officer most like the boss of the underworld." Xu Ming remembered that someone commented on the Internet, "This villain did a good job."

  Once, Yang Guoming and Shen Jiangang didn't hold back their curiosity and went to make a cameo.

The filming location was in Chen Guoping’s hometown, Qinglong Manchu Autonomous County. There was a small hill in the village, full of chestnut trees, and a small house at the foot of the hill. The crew simulated it as a den of telecommunications fraud gangs, and the police hid on the hill. Secretly observe.

  "There are no people?" "Go!" After the line was said, he started to act.

The villagers saw this group of people sneaking around for a while, then running around again, saying strange things, thinking they were stealing chestnuts, and went up to arrest people.

When the villagers saw Chen Guoping in the crowd, they knew that they had misunderstood and gave them a large pot of cooked chestnuts.

  Chen Guoping would go back to his hometown from time to time to pick chestnuts and shave sweet potatoes. In Shen Jiangang's eyes, he is a person who loves life. "He likes to raise small animals. He has all the cats, dogs, fish and birds in his family, and he also likes to plant flowers and plants. You can find them everywhere. Little joy of life."

  Acting is also one of the fun.

Chen Guoping said that he had an actor dream since he was a child, "Don't look at my age, I like this kind of new stuff. I want to show myself to everyone and realize my self-worth."

  The dream of an actor can only be achieved through guest appearances and live broadcasts. Chen Guoping's dream of being a policeman is actually realized. No matter how many roles he has played, his first identity is also the anti-fraud police.

In Xu Ming's eyes, Chen Guoping is a very simple person, "We are talking about how to make anti-fraud dramas, how can we let more people know about anti-fraud."

  Now, more and more crews are shooting anti-fraud dramas.

Xu Ming's works are mainly broadcast on short video platforms, which can be seen more by young people and the elderly who are the main victims of telecommunication fraud.

Often times, an anti-fraud drama can reach tens of millions of clicks.

  "But only one film was released in a month or two. The output was not enough, it couldn't be sustained, and there was no stickiness." Chen Guoping knew that he had to think of a way.

Someone asked him to surrender in the live broadcast

  The live broadcast is Chen Guoping's new attempt to promote anti-fraud.

  It was the end of 2019. At the beginning, Chen Guoping would only talk dryly about recent cases with a high incidence and how to pay attention.

The audience listened for a while, felt that they were not interesting and left. There were only thirty or fifty people in the live broadcast room, and Chen Guoping felt embarrassed himself.

  "We often ridicule him and stammers." Yang Guoming and Shen Jiangang will accompany him during the live broadcast of the bureau, and help him prompt when they are embarrassed.

At that time Xu Ming believed that Chen Guoping would give up after a long time.

  Chen Guoping has never given up on finding his own way of broadcasting.

He will answer questions from fans, even Mai comforts people who have been deceived, and even cooperated with singer Yang Xiaozhuang to launch an anti-fraud song "Please stay away from the scam".

  At the end of last year, a young man Lian Mai arrived at Chen Guoping.

The young man lost his parents since he was a child, and saved 200,000 yuan through hard work. The family house was demolished and relocated 200,000 yuan. Because of the investment in a fake platform, all the 400,000 yuan was deceived.

He told Chen Guoping that he didn't want to live anymore, and just wanted Chen Guoping to tell his experience and let others take warning.

  "Your family has already said that they want to take money for you. This shows that money is not a matter. Nothing is as important as your love. You are not afraid of death. What are you afraid of!" Chen Guoping slapped the table anxiously.

After persuading him for more than an hour, when Lianmai was over, the young man's heart knot had been solved by Old Chen, and he had no idea of ​​committing suicide.

  In the live broadcast room, Chen Guoping persuaded criminals to surrender and transfer living expenses to impoverished college students who were deceived. His efforts were rewarded bit by bit. During the live broadcast, up to 30,000 people could watch at the same time.

You can tell from the police call Yang Guoming, "The people all want to call Police Officer Chen Guoping to call the police."

  The common people know him, and criminals also know him.

Once when Chen Guoping caught a criminal suspect, he was sleeping, and after he woke up, he kept shouting: "Dreaming, dreaming! Plague God, why is it really you."

  At that moment, Chen Guoping was very proud.

"I feel that so many scammers know me, so many people should also know the anti-fraud knowledge I talk about."

  Chen Guoping felt that the live broadcast should capture the hearts of the audience, “You read the Criminal Law regulations to him every day, who listens to it?” He helped netizens analyze how they were deceived, and talked about the various cases he has seen in the four years of anti-fraud work. In fact, these are the epitome of life, and the reason for being deceived is the weakness of human nature."

  He ridiculed himself, "I graduated from technical secondary school. I haven't read so many books. I speak so much that the people can understand. This sense of reality makes them believe me."

  Chen Guoping, who has become more and more trusted by the masses, is a "big liar" in his son's mouth.

After the live broadcast, in order not to delay the children's study, Chen Guoping often stayed in the unit for two or three hours.

He usually broadcasts live broadcasts from 8pm to 11pm on Fridays and 6ths of each week. When there are too many people, it will be broadcast until the early hours of the next morning unknowingly.

  "Old Chen told me that his son knows where to put things in his house, but he doesn't." Yang Guoming said, as a father, he can understand the child's thinking, and the child must want his father to play with him more.

Once Chen Guoping's son had a severe stomachache and wanted his father to take him to the hospital, but work was urgent and Chen Guoping went out again, "He was lying there and didn't want to look back at me." This video was kept secretly by Chen Guoping.

  On September 7, Chen Guoping came to work again wearing the sweat-stained police uniform that had been worn for a week. He said that his wife was angry with him and was too angry to wash his clothes.

"Because he doesn't go home, Old Chen's wife always gets angry with him. In fact, family members have supported our work for so many years, but who doesn't want to stay together as a family." The old man explained for Chen Guoping.

 He wanted to return to peace after the overnight explosion

  Chen Guoping was busy this time because he was on fire.

  In the live broadcast on August 26, he changed his opening remarks into: "I am an anti-fraud anchor, what kind of anchor is the other party?" and began to try to use the "Lianmai PK" method to live broadcast.

  The effect was not bad, and Chen Guoping was unacceptable.

He randomly connected to various anchors.

Someone came up and said, "I'm a funny anchor, brother, I didn't commit anything." Others took off their wigs and admitted that men were pretending to be women.

  The host opposite was strange and strange, and Chen Guoping was not in a hurry.

"Don't stubbornly, I've watched your live broadcast before, and you're walking around." "Frankly explain, how many people have you deceived?" "Your fans always say surrender, surrender, what do you mean?" Lian Mai finally, Chen Guoping Always don't forget to return to the topic and promote the National Anti-fraud Center APP.

  Recalling the first Lianmai with Chen Guoping on September 1, the anchor "Chi Jiang" was still surprised.

When I took off my wig and squatted on the ground with my ears gripped, I still thought that the opposite was an anchor who was wearing a police uniform and pretending to be a policeman.

After he saw the comments made by netizens in the live broadcast room, he realized that Chen Guoping was a policeman who was serious about anti-fraud propaganda.

"I didn't expect such a novel form of anti-fraud."

  "I remember that when I was a child, my grandma was also deceived by 200,000 yuan. During that time, our family didn't have a smile on their faces and we were not happy during the New Year." So he printed out the logo of the National Anti-Fraud Center and made it into a brand. , Took the baton from Chen Guoping, and continued to use a humorous way to get everyone to download the National Anti-Fraud Center APP.

  On September 3, Chen Guoping had to live for six hours on two platforms, only going to the bathroom once.

There were about 80 million clicks in the live broadcast rooms of the two platforms that day.

When 780,000 people were online in the live broadcast room at the same time, his internet burst and he could only use his mobile phone 5G to end it hastily.

  After it became popular, curiosity, inquiry and all kinds of doubts followed.

  Someone asked Chen Guoping, "Is there a script?" "A policeman who has never learned to act, why would he respond to changes?" Chen Guoping even randomized wheat. He said, "There is a script that is not true. I don't want to be an anti-fraud Lie."

  Others say that Chen Guoping is a "fake policeman."

In fact, similar doubts existed long before he became popular. In a live broadcast at the end of last year, Chen Guoping was questioned, "Who made your police wear police uniforms to live broadcast, and who gave you the power?" Then For a moment, Chen Guoping felt very wronged. He reflexively retorted: "If I have a problem, you can go to my superior to sue me."

  Later, Chen Guoping repeatedly thought about his rebuttal at that time.

He felt that it seemed wrong.

"I can do myself well and let everyone see it. The more you refute, the more you prove that you are immature, and it becomes the point of their attack. Gradually the people will find that what I do is positive energy."

  There are reports and complaints, Chen Guoping will still be angry.

But the way he gets angry is no longer a direct response, but a very special way-to open more live broadcasts, he increased the frequency of live broadcasts from three games a week to five games a week.

  In recent days, he always has to respond over and over again to doubts about his "do not do business properly and run to make money"-live broadcast uses rest time and never activates the reward function.

  There are also people who think that connecting Mai with all kinds of anchors will affect the image of the police. Chen Guoping disagrees, "Although they are dressed in all kinds of colors, they are to gain traffic, not criminals. As long as they are the people and the masses, I have an obligation. Tell him what is fraud and how to prevent it."

  "It's changed." Chen Guoping felt that the netizens' motives for watching him had changed, so he simply suspended the live broadcast and returned to his daily routine.

  The live broadcast of anti-fraud policeman Lao Chen has been suspended, but Chen Guoping's anti-fraud propaganda will not stop.

"I can go and give lectures to everyone. If someone has been scammed, you can also send me a private message. The anti-fraud dramas will not stop, and I also plan to make anti-fraud serials." Chen Guoping formed a filming group for anti-fraud serials. More than 120 people.

  After stopping the live broadcast, the old anti-fraud policeman was still the same Chen Guoping, running five kilometers a day, worrying about how to spend more time with his family and racking his brains for anti-fraud propaganda.

  "I am red, and I am not red. As long as more people are not deceived, my efforts will be worthwhile."

  Beijing News reporter Guo Yimeng and intern Wu Jinghan