The 22-year-old rapper Noel (22), the eldest son of Rep. Jang Je-won from People's Strength, was embroiled in a controversy that he mocked a recipient of the Corona 19 disaster aid.

Noel, who had been embroiled in various controversies in the past, such as drunk driving, changing drivers, assault quarrels, and prostitution attempts by minors, recently commented on netizens who criticized his songs on music sites on his social media, "There are XXs who tumble because they like to receive disaster funds. On the internet, you pretend to be strong."

When this article became controversial, Noel deleted all of his social media posts.

Some netizens responded with displeasure, saying, "The rapper, the grandson of a chaebol, has insulted the situation of many sincere young people who are suffering from COVID-19 and job difficulties."

In September 2019, when Noel was 20 years old, he was in a drunken state in Mapo-gu, Seoul, and while driving his foreign vehicle worth 300 million won, he collided with a motorcycle. Immediately after the accident, Noel tried to swap drivers with an acquaintance and caused a stir by notifying the insurance company of false information.

Noel's grandfather, the late Jang Seong-man, was the chairman of Dongseo Academy and founded Busan College of Vocational Education (currently Gyeongnam Information University) and Dongseo University of Technology (now Dongseo University).

According to the property information of the National Assembly member released in March 2019, the property reported by Noel at the time was 200 million won in deposits, and in the property information of the member of the National Assembly released in March 2021, the deposit was about 50 million won. Regarding other properties, Noel refused to disclose on the grounds of maintaining an independent livelihood.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)