The second semester class began on the 13th at Kinki University.

We have been promoting vaccination of students with the aim of resuming face-to-face classes, but due to the extension of the state of emergency, most of the classes have started online as in the previous term.

60% of students finish two vaccinations

At Kinki University, most of the lessons in the first semester were conducted online, but from the second semester, inoculations were given in the workplace to resume face-to-face lessons, and about 60% of the students made preparations such as completing two inoculations. I have come.

However, due to the extension of the state of emergency in Osaka, most of the late classes that started on the 13th are now conducted online.

In the laboratory of the Faculty of Science and Engineering on the campus of Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka, a male professor gave an explanation while showing the equipment using a personal computer.

A first-year male student who had completed the vaccination said about the online class, "I want the corona to settle down quickly and resume because I can ask questions immediately in the face-to-face class."

Takashi Osaki, Deputy Chief of the Planning Office, Kinki University University Administration Headquarters, said, "I'm sorry that I want students to come to the campus and enjoy their university life. In the future, I would like to consider the lesson policy while observing the infection situation." rice field.

Kansai University will hold online classes for the second half of the university from 21st of this month, while Yamato University will hold full-face face-to-face classes from 24th of this month.