Louise Bernard, edited by Clément Perruche 11:37 am, September 13, 2021

Very criticized by actors and cinema operators, Disney finally decided to broadcast its films in theaters before putting them online on Disney +, its streaming platform.

The company has been scalded by legal disputes over the release of "Black Widow" last July.

Lovers of the big screen can take a breath.

Disney announced on Saturday that its films will be available in theaters for at least 45 consecutive days before being released for streaming.

The announcement is crucial because an important economic issue is behind it.

Disney is indeed both a film producer and broadcaster, via its Disney + streaming platform.

Its platform allowed it to multiply the distribution channels as soon as the film was released.


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The previous

Black Widow

The firm had recently decided to offer its films at the same time at the cinema and on Disney +. Last July, for example, Disney released the film

Black Widow

- a Marvel blockbuster - in theaters, but also in streaming. The move sparked the ire of lead actress Scarlett Johansson, who felt it was a breach of contract and sued Disney. Part of his salary indeed depended on the sales of cinema tickets. The star had also received the support of several Hollywood personalities. Short-circuited, the operators of the cinemas had also expressed their dissatisfaction.

Disney's decision should therefore reassure everyone, and avoid future trials. Another reason must have weighed in the balance: the films available in streaming at the same time as in the cinema are the most pirated.