Rapper BewhY, who is performing his military duty, made a special appearance in the drama 'Penthouse 3' and laughed.

In the final episode of the SBS drama 'Penthouse 3', which was broadcast on the 10th, Bae Ro-na (Kim Hyun-soo) and Joo Joo-hoon (Kim Young-dae), who succeeded in their respective positions, reunited after 3 years.

Before the performance, a waiter appeared in front of the two of them who were about to eat at a restaurant, and that was rapper Bewhy.

In the play, BewhY recommended pasta to Barrowna and Joo Joo-hoon, and after recognizing Barrowna, he carefully asked, "I'm a fan, but please sign one autograph."

At the same time, BewhY told Barona of her real name 'Lee Byung-yoon' and said, "I think it will be a strength for me as I go to the army next week."

In fact, BewhY enlisted at the Naval Education Command in Jinhae, Gyeongnam on the 23rd of last month and is undergoing military training. In Bewhy's special appearance that reflects reality, viewers of 'Penthouse 3' said, "Isn't Bewhh a real person?" It's so funny that I went to the military."

In addition, Kim Hyeon-su, who played the role of Barona, who was filmed with Bewhh, selected that scene as a memorable special appearance in an interview. Kim Hyun-soo said, "BewhY made a special appearance, and I was most impressed. He was very good at acting. Because he was a rapper, he had good diction and the filming was fun."

BewhY, who is currently undergoing basic military training, will serve as a compulsory marine police officer for 1 year and 8 months as soon as training is completed.

(Photo=SBS 'Penthouse 3' broadcast screen capture, Bewhy Instagram)

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